being negative

How To Stop Being Negative

Your goddamn negativity, No one needs it. Editor's Note: This piece is by Nick Notas, our Boston Wingman Strategist and Confidence Coach. You can read more of his pieces at The Dating Specialist.

“God I hate BMW drivers!” “My ex-girlfriend was a crazy bitch.“ “Most people are just jerks anyway.” “I’m so miserable at my job.”

No woman wants to hear you complain — it’s unattractive. You’re shooting yourself and your chances in the foot.

It’s no surprise women are in tune with their emotions. Negative energy is the last thing you want to her to feel when getting to know you.

She’s bound to associate you with all those bad emotions and you will make her uneasy. How do you think she’ll react if you’re dwelling on depressing topics?

Instead, follow these tried and true guidelines to keep your cool and make the best out of your interactions with women.