Thomas Edwards

Paul, Alan, Wingman Making Drinks at the Roger Smith Hotel

My buddy Cort Johnson and I took a trip to NYC for the weekend for some usual work and play. We went there without an itinerary and we ended up having the one of the best times of our lives. This story comes from his blog which you should check out. And I suggest you follow him on Twitter as he is doing some MAJOR things.

I had never been to the Roger Smith Hotel before but from what I had heard from Alexa, Thomas and others was that this is the place to go for social media enthusiasts. Well let’s just say the hotel doesn’t disappoint, especially the Hotel bar Lilly’s.

Thomas and I spent the morning hustling to get a WingmanTV show together at Lounge 47 in Long Island City. Guests that cancel an hour before the shoot are never appreciated. But per usual we made a few phone calls begging people to overcome their hangovers and enjoy another cocktail with us at 11am.

Here is a bit of Thomas’ show that will air in mid October. I want to thank Allie (the sis always comes through to help) and Mickey for making the show happen.

After a few hours of sleep last night and the hustle of throwing a show together in 45 minutes, Thomas and I were naturally looking for a drink. We strolled down to 47th and Lexington for a cocktail from the infamous bartender Paul at Lily’s. If you haven’t been to Lily’s before the mere experience of sitting at the bar, watching and listening to how Paul makes a drink is unforgettable.

But I have to say that technology yet again makes for an incredible experience. After sending out a text to Alexa trying to get her out to the Roger Smith she had let a friend, Alan Webber, also staying at the Roger Smith know we were downstairs at the bar. Moments later Alan strolls through the bar and he, Thomas and I all became the captive audience for Paul’s Bespoke Cockail Mixology Show. Check it out!

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