Christian Hudson

Looking to Team Up With the Social Man

Do you know Christian Hudson? If you haven't heard about Christian Hudson, you're about to. He is THE "secret weapon" to some very big dating and “pickup” professionals and he's about to hit the scene BIG time.

Back in 2005, he helped start Charisma Arts, which was the biggest pickup bootcamp company in the world under his leadership. He left the game in 2006, but came back last year to start teaching clients again after receiving a lot of referrals from his personal coaching clients.

I just watched an incredible video he put together; you're DEFINITELY going to want to check it out. He explains some things about dating that are pretty mind-blowing, even for me, regarding your confidence and your natural "instincts." These instincts that he talks about are what I teach my clients to be more aware of when they go out to different social environments. You're going to learn a lot from this, and if you've ever wondered things like...

- How some guys can just walk up to a girl and say "Hi" and get great responses
- Why a girl rejected you, or why she rejected your compliment
- How you could be just as confident and easygoing talking to a model as you could a toddler

...then you'll definitely want to watch this.

Become Unbreakable

And let's be clear about something: this is not just about getting women – and the kinds of beautiful women you want. This is about being able to handle any social situation, at any time, in any environment.

All of the really good stuff starts at about 1 minute and 33 seconds into the video - so I would grab a notebook and take some notes.

And by the way, what he explains and how he explains it is NOT complicated. In some cases, it's as easy as making eye contact for two seconds longer when you say something to a girl. Many of my clients think that I am full of it when I first mention things like this. Then when it actually works, they become believers. A lot of my own secrets are right here.

If you're serious about being not just good, not just great, but truly unbreakable when it comes to having control of your social life and with women, then you have to watch this video.

Become Unbreakable

If any of this is confusing or you think that it’s not that easy, I’d love for you to comment or email me.

What Christian Hudson teaches is legit. So much, that I am hoping to work with him in the future because it’s not often that I get to meet someone who shares the same teaching techniques and positive mindset that I do when it comes to dating.

Let me know what you think.

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