Midnight Review of Styx

NOTE: mobile post

Address: 35 Stanhope St.

Who cones here: 20-somethings

Best nights to come: Saturday

Special: good food menu on certain days.

Price: $$

Waiting in line for the bathroom, it almost makes sense to blog about Styx, the new 33. For those who don't know, 33 has shut down & will be replaced. 33 had a home in my heart so hearing about its closing was not good. Although, I have to say, Styx, being right next door, isn't so bad, if you have a small party.

I'd categorize this venue in the "club" section. Loud music, lots of dancing & a variety of people. But being in a very small place (think the size of your average master bedroom with an extension for a bar), it's not hard to meet people. Confidence is a must here, though, as you must speak up & exude good body language.

Note: When you use the bathroom, it sounds like the walls are going to crumble with all the bass in this place. I saw a crack spread from the ceiling. Don't worry though. It's normal.

This place is perfect for a group party. You won't need to call to reserve. Just show up. Be warned, there is a cover ranging from 10 to 15 bucks.

Overall, I give this place a 79 (C+).

I'll be more active in talking about more places when I'm in the place. Let me know what you think in the comments or send me a tweet.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled madness.