Looking ahead to 2015

credit: psdgraphics.com

credit: psdgraphics.com

...2015 is here!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready to crush 2015! A few weeks ago, I looked at 2014 in review. Thank you to everyone who replied and had great things to say. I read every email and always appreciate it.

To really kick 2014 to the curb and never look back, let's take a look at my 5 most valuable posts of 2014:

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After such a successful year, both professionally and personally, I'd like to look ahead and share what I'd like to accomplish next year in my life and hopefully the lives of the many people I touch.


After amazing growth in the West Coast, I believe it's time to really go after it. The goal will be to have full-time presence in LA (or SF) in late Spring 2015. What that will look like is still to be determined but expect me to be out there MUCH more, starting as early as January 2015.

Also, you'll see me doing many more speaking engagements. I already have a few lined up in Las Vegas, Austin, Texas (SXSW!), and Boston, with many more to come. One of my life's missions always has been to share my story, and I finally believe 2015 will be the year it happens.

On the content front, I plan on not only creating more across multiple platforms and publications but also want to make it easier for you to access it, ideally in one place.

So on January 5th, there will be an entirely new blog that's focused on bringing everything (TV appearances, guest posts, social commentary, shareable media, etc.) I'm doing / thinking to you.

If you're someone who has followed me from the beginning, you remember how "raw" most of my content / advice was. It seemed to be more commonly appreciated, relatable, and shared than most other content I've created since then.

I've listened to your feedback and look forward to not only bringing that style back to you, but also a closer look into my lifestyle, thoughts, and insights I've kept internally as it relates to not just dating but also life, in general.

Many of you know how I prefer to keep parts of my life private and I believe by increasing my transparency (a la 2008-2009), it'll hopefully inspire you in the many ways it has for my readers and clients alike over the years.

While these are all great things that'll help the company, I do aspire to grow my business tremendously. With that in mind, my #1 priority will be hiring a coach to help with that process. As someone who is a coach / strategist who helps transform people's lives, I'm not sure why it took me so long to get one of my own.

Part of it might be because I felt I always did things on my own or was afraid to ask for help (sound familiar?) but having someone challenge me is going to take me to places I may not have even realized existed. And THAT is a very exciting thing. I'm aiming to get started on that next month.

Of course, with all of this going on, my mission still remains to help clients find their confidence and love – and am looking forward to getting more save the dates and wedding invitations in the mail.


My goals are rather simple for my personal life.

1. Spend more time with the wife. I've done a much better job, despite my crazy travel schedule but I can never spend enough time with the wife. The many things I'd like to do include reinstating weekly date nights (when possible) and quarterly vacations. I'm sure if she's reading this, a huge smile just came across her face.

2. Continue to stay healthy and solidify a workout regimen. Fitstar is going to be my saving grace.

3. Help get the pool team to Vegas for a national tournament. This could happen VERY soon if we keep up the pace we're on this season. One of my teammates got me a cue stick and my wife got me a case and breaking stick. It meant a lot to know how supportive the people around me are and I vow to not let them down!

4. Limit my alcohol intake, especially since I go out as much as I do. I've been thinking about going back to 2008 when I did my "wine diet," with lots of success. Malbec, anyone?

As with all goals, they will evolve over time. And while I do have many ambitious goals, I'm pumped to see where this year will take me. I have a good feeling there will be lots of announcements to make in 2015.

I'd love to hear what your #1 goal in 2015 is. I'm not asking for a resolution – I don't believe in those and they tend to be a waste of time for many. I'd love to hear the one thing you'd like to do for your life in 2015 that will change things for the better.

It could be anything – big or small, simple or complex. You'll see that writing it down or telling someone else will give you that instant "this is real now" moment we all need to create that accountability necessary to get you going.

Cheers to an awesome 2015 – Happy New Year!