How to Meet Women Online Without Being on a Dating Site

With all the advice out there about dating women online, it's amazing to me no one TRULY talks about other online platforms outside of dating sites or apps.

Think about it. When we talk about offline dating, we consider EVERY option available. So why wouldn't we do the same for online?

Many, many years ago, I briefly talked about how you can meet women through social media apps, most notably Twitter and Foursquare. Today, we can include, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook into that equation.

Also, it helps that I found my wife –– or rather, she found me –– on social media. If you thought that was weird, or a unique experience, please check out this article my wife and I interviewed for for the Washington Post about finding relationships –– or whatever else you want –– through social media.

At the end, you'll hear thoughts from both myself and my wife. The lesson here is to know you can meet women anywhere if you allow yourself to do so. And honestly, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best places to meet women online these days –– at least if you're in that generation. For the older singles, traditional dating sites and apps will always be the most effective.

I hope you enjoy the article –– click here to read the piece.