How to Get a Second Date with a Woman

So…you’ve made it. You got the date with that woman you met at the coffee shop. And everything is going well so far. The drinks are good, the conversation is fun, and you two and laughing at each other’s jokes.

Now, while I typically advise my clients to go for a kiss DURING a date, most guys are afraid to pull the plug so they tread along, waiting for the “right” moment. But as the date winds down, you start thinking about what you’re going to leave her with that will ensure you’ll get a second date.

So what do you do?

Do you give her just a hug? Do you finally go for the kiss? Do you try to extend the date by going somewhere else?

These are all viable options — options most women would actually expect on a fun date with a good guy.

You’ll see advice out there that says, “you need to stand out and do something different.” I’ve seen things like, “don’t kiss her at all,” “pretend you’re going for the lips and at the last second, kiss her on the cheek,” and my favorite, “say ‘maybe we should do this again.’”

What nonsense. Although there is a little bit of back and forth (read: gameplay) that has to come with dating, there’s no reason to take it to unnecessary levels.

Most dating “experts” biggest mistake is thinking and telling you that women want something “different.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Sure, they want something that isn’t what they’ve dealt with previously. But what women want more is something “special.”

When you’re having a great date with a great woman, naturally, you’re instinct is to want a second date, let her know your interest, and see if she feels the same. It’s almost like getting a Yelp rating at the end of your experience.

But the thing is — and this is the difference between men and women — she already knows you like her. Hell, why would you ask her out if you didn’t? But a guy, even if he asks out a woman and she says yes, he’s still wondering if she likes him.

But what if she didn’t know if you liked her? And what if that wonder really intrigued her and made her want to see you again?

Think about it for second — and some of the ladies will agree or disagree with what I’m about to say. Have you ever had a date where you were 100% percent honestly with your feelings with a woman and she was TOTALLY into it? Yeah I thought so. There are MANY guys who get excited about women and “blow it” by revealing all of their cards. Women RARELY do this, which explains why they maintain their allure during the dating process, something men have a hard time doing.

Just because you expose your feelings to her, doesn’t mean that she’s entitled to do the same, especially during the first date. So while you lose sleep wondering if she feels the same about you, she’s wondering if you were “a bit much” for a first date.

So what can you do to make her “lose sleep” over you, wondering if you’re into her?

Stop talking. Start doing.

Instead of voicing your interest in her, let the date speak for itself through the fun conversation over drinks in a cool venue. How you show your interest in her is through body language, gestures, and bold moves.

Watch the video below for more.

It seems too simple to be true but in today’s world, the less games you play and more transparent you are (without the excessive neediness) through your actions, the better your chances are at getting the second date.