Dating While Unemployed, Will She Cheat Again, and Perils of Online Dating



This week was a fun week in the media for me. One thing I want to do more here is share the content I produce or get featured elsewhere. The content is relevant and I want to make sure you see it if you’re just a reader of my blog and not following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Monday, I gave tips on AskMen on how to tell if a woman will cheat on you again. Some clues seem obvious, like “not having sex with you.” However, other clues might be overlooked and are actually more obvious than “not putting out.” 

Click here to read the article, “Will She Cheat Again?”

Later that day, the first video of many I’ve done with the New York Post debuted. It's from a fun web series where a dating expert (me) and a comedian give advice. The topic this time covered what to do if you’re still dating women but are unemployed. Lots of great and hilarious advice. You can watch it below.

Then, Tuesday. I appeared on Fox News in New York City. The story highlighted the “perils” of online dating and how you can navigate them. In my interview, I talk about being congruent both online and off, why it’s important to be absolutely transparent about certain things, and how to maximize online dating for a better offline dating life. Check it out below.

Happy Friday!