Can Cold Showers Improve Your Dating Life?

Earlier this week, my wife sent me the video below, saying I could write about my workouts and the fact we like our showers at different temperatures.

Since we’re on the topic, I don’t get my wife sometimes. She’s the only person I know who will take a volcanic-like hot showers right after a workout. It’s crazy.

I like hot showers like the rest of them, but that’s ridiculous.

Anyway, let’s get back on track —

Cold showers

Since I’ve started T25 Focus — yes, the fitness program from the same guy that created Insanity — I’ve been looking to additional ways to boost confidence and overall state of mind.

This video, done by the Art of Manliness, covers the many benefits that come with taking cold showers. After watching it, twice, I can connect many benefits that will help improve overall confidence in your dating life including:

I am never one to back down from an experiment so starting today, I’m going to take colder showers for 30 days and see what it does for my life.

I’m not sure what visual effects it’ll take besides healthier hair and skin, but I’ll focus on the mental and emotional effects as I’ve never done cold showers regularly before (except when I had to in Jamaica) and am sure this will require some endurance.

In the meantime, watch this video and let me know if you’ll join me for the 30-day cold shower challenge.