Where Is the Easiest City in the World to Date?

The interesting thing about dating sites and apps is that you can collect an enormous amount of data. What's important to understand is that the data collected does not represent how all single people perceive dating.

Each app and site curates a specific demographic so daa collected will represent that community. Still, it's always interesting to see the results and find out what can be learned.

Take this infographic, done by Coffee Meets Bagel. There's a lot of great stuff here.

For example, to no surprise, men have a harder time dating in general than women but both see physical attraction as the #1 thing they look for in a match.

One thing to notice: Toronto. As someone who has clients there, it's an up-and-coming city to visit, live, and now, date. I can easily predict the Canadian city being in the top 3 next year of easiest cities to date.

Credit: Coffee Meets Bagel

Credit: Coffee Meets Bagel