8 Signs Your Dating Game Needs An Upgrade

Credit: askmen.com

Credit: askmen.com

I regularly contribute my expertise with the writers of AskMen on various topics on dating and relationships. Here's one of them.

Hey you — how many times have you written and rewritten that text to the girl you had an amazing night with? Or how many times have you aimlessly swiped on Tinder while on the john, never making an effort past emojis and clever one-liners you never move forward from?

With the new digital era of dating in full swing, it can be tough to navigate a pretty-much uncharted territory on the journey to finding lifelong love. (Or just a date for Friday night, if we’re being real here.)

Thomas Edwards, the founder of The Professional Wingman, says this instant gratification generation of dating makes everything easy come, easy go — and oftentimes, could-be relationships are kept online instead of off, where it actually counts.

“Instead of bars being chances to meet someone, it’s become hangout spots where every intermission in conversation is filled with swiping and checking messages on guys’ phones,” Edwards says.

This is causing them to appear lazy because they’re much more comfortable to look for matches online than walk over and risk rejection with a woman face-to-face.

Are you guilty of this? No shame, no judgment, but if you follow any of these 10 signs from the dating gurus themselves, it’s time to evolve your dating game, stat.

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