6 Reasons Men Aren't Hitting On You

Credit: http://mensdatingmastery.com/

Credit: http://mensdatingmastery.com/

I get asked frequently on what prevents men from approaching women. In it's simplest form, guys will make any excuse to not do it. This means, the key is to give a guy as few excuses as possible, which will increase what I like to call your "Approachability Rating."

I share this and more with YourTango, specifically 6 reasons men aren't trying to approach women.

1. You have a low approachability rating. 

I say, "This rating will determine not only how many guys approach you but also their quality. There are many things that make women approachable, but I believe the most important ones are what she's wearing, where she's positioned in a given venue, whether or not she's smiling, who she's hanging out with (if applicable), and her general body language."

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