What Women Want [Infographic]

A survey was recently done by Lifestyle for Men Magazine, asking women what women want, both physically and in a man's personality. Some of these stats I'm sure you'll find interesting, but most guy's reaction is to discredit it by saying, "that's not true."

I've been speaking on various panels on the Great Love Debate – including tomorrow's event in Long Island – and I realize too many men and women think dating should be "black & white." I completely disagree. If that were the case, dating would be too easy and LESS people would be in relationships. Dating can be simple but a long-term healthy relationship is hard to attain, which explains why we want it so bad. So there are two ways you can think about the stats from this infographic:

  1. Assume all the women in this survey are liars and don't know what they want.
  2. Think about what they are actually trying to communicate and what can YOU do that can appeal to some of the more popular (35%+) things women say that find attractive.

I'm curious to hear what some people's surprises / disappointments are after seeing the results of the survey below.

What Women Want by Lifestyle For Men Magazine