Take Advantage of Spring Fever

It’s March, which not only means we’re only weeks away from spring (thank goodness), but there are also things happening this month here at The Professional Wingman. It's our most engaging month of the year and we’d like you to be a part of it as a fan, reader, or client (past, present, or future). Here is a brief calendar of milestones coming up:


We’re just thankful it’s no longer February. Besides that, we’ve launched an NYC-exclusive “store” through our friends at Zaarly. Check out what exclusive services I'm offering, choose your favorites, submit praise, and share with your NYC friends. I'm really excited with the variety of services being offered and look forward to working with more New Yorkers.

March 2-3

I'll be in Washington, D.C. and while my time there will be extremely limited,  if you'd like to schedule a potential session for Saturday night, we can talk about it and see if it's possible.

March 4

We’re launching our new service this Monday and will announce details and more here on the blog.

March 8-16

I will be Austin, Texas for SXSW, the yearly film, interactive, and music festival. SXSW will always be dear to my heart as it was the place where the idea of The Professional Wingman was founded. We’ll be offering services and FREE Initial In-person Strategy Sessions throughout the week so if you’re in Austin, this will the best time to work together. Click here to sign up to chat and we can book a time slot in time for you.

March 20

We’re hosting a fun party in Boston to celebrate the first day of Spring and the company's fourth anniversary. Details will be announced to Team Wingman on Twitter and Facebook on Monday.

March 29-31

I'll be in Philadelphia for the first time since 2008! It's been long overdue and it's by far my most exciting trip since Jamaica back in 2009. I might hold a smaller party that weekend and will send details to members of the Wingman Labs (sign up at bottom of page) once it’s official. If you’re interested in coaching that weekend, apply here and we’ll set up a call to see if you qualify.

It’s a very busy month for us -- and this is all before we take on the West Coast in April (details coming soon). But we're looking forward to seeing and helping many of you this month.