Top 10 Thursday: Ways To Touch Women


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"Top 10 Ways to

Touch Women"

People ask me what's the biggest mistake guys make when meeting women. Touching women is a close second to approaching women.

I tell my clients, "if you're not touching her, you're just having conversation."

If you wonder why you're always that guy in the "Friend's Zone," this may be the reason.

The only way to truly have her see you as more than a friend is to create a state that gets her to think about you romantically.

Flirting is the overall tool to do that and within flirting, touching is the most important factor.

Today, you are going to get 10 ways you can initiate natural contact, while showing her you're interested.

10. Traditional greeting. Depending on how comfortable you are and your culture, the easiest way to initiate a touch is by greeting her. A handshake, hug or a kiss on the cheek are all examples.

Understand what's appropriate for the situation before deciding which greeting to use.

9. Touching her arm. You touch her arm when you're trying to get her to relate / connect with you. It could be over a joke, when teasing her, explaining something or giving her praise for an accomplishment.

This is something you should be doing on a regular basis with anyone you meet. It's natural and harmless.

8. Palm reading. This is a VERY old trick in the book. If you can actually read palms, great! If you can't, you can pretend it's your pickup line and make fun of it.

She'll appreciate your humor and may go along with the role-play to see what fun and creative fortune you can give her. 

7. Placing your arm around her shoulder. The oldest trick in the book. Women will know what's up when you do this. The key is making it seem as natural as possible. Please, don't yawn.

When sharing a story, or when creating a vision of something that you trying to connect to her with, stand next to her so you're both facing the right away. Put your arm around her shoulder and use the other arm to gesture as if you're creating the picture in front of you.

You'll be able to tell how comfortable she is with it by how tense (or relaxed) she is when you do it. Gauge that feeling to know how long your arm should be there.

6. Removing an eyelash from her face. Eyelashes shedding commonly happens and if you can spot it, it'll give you an opportunity to do something nice while increasing the physical connection.

Don't make a big deal of it. Just let her know she has an eyelash on her cheek and with your thumb, take it off. Then have her make a wish,  blow it off your thumb and carry on with conversation.

Hopefully her wish has something to do with you.

5. Holding her hand when leading her somewhere. Sometimes, you might be in a crowd and need to get through the craziness. If you're in front of her, extend your hand behind you for her to take it.

It's a gentlemanly thing to do and she'll see this leader / protective side of you that's attractive. And you'll be holding her hand. Win.

4. Poking and tickling. If she is ticklish and doesn't mind it, this is a great way to tease her. If she let's herself go, that will tell you not only is she comfortable being vulnerable around you but you've also triggered something that she finds very sexy. Laughter.

3. Thumb-wrestling. If she knows how to thumb-wrestle, it can be one of the biggest icebreakers you can do. It's competetive, fun and let's face it, everyone cheats to win.

Have fun with it and if you beat her, promise a rematch later on.

2. Dancing. Women love to dance. And women aren't paying attention to how WELL you can dance. They're paying attention to how much FUN you're having dancing.

A guy who can let go on the dance floor is VERY sexy to some women. When a song comes up that will require you to be closer, it doesn't give you the ok to grind your stuff all over her.

This is your time to be seductive, not sloppy. Dirty dancing can be clean. Kind of.

1. Kissing. This is a no-brainer. A kiss can create fireworks, or fizzle any spark. The best time to kiss her is when you two are sharing something I call a "positive moment," ideally when she's laughing.

Go for the kiss, open-mouth -- no tongue, unless she initiates -- then plant one on her.

Be the first to end it and then get back into connecting and initiating more contact.

Master these and she'll never mistake you as being JUST a friend.

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