Top 10 Thursday: Surprises for Women

The easiest of gifts.Every Thursday, I will put up a top ten list of awesomeness, with short descriptions and tips. Feel free to laugh, enjoy and pass them around.

Top 10 Ways to Surprise Women

If you’re looking for a way to make your lady smile -- or to get her to forgive you -- these are the 10 best ways to do it. Bonus points to those who can combine 2 out of the 10 on the list. Buyer beware: do this sparingly, as it won’t have the same effect if you do it often.

10. Flowers: It’s seriously the easiest way to make someone smile. In fact, this has such a profound effect, you could give a complete stranger a flower and they will smile. This is a no-brainer and a welcome go-to.

TIP: Always vary the kinds of flowers you get so it can enhance her senses each time she gets them.

9. Chocolate: No one hates chocolate -- even those who may be allergic; it’s just unfortunate they can’t have it -- so be selective in the chocolate you purchase and be sure to mix it up. S’mores, fondue, hot chocolate -- all different examples of how you can surprise her with the same thing.

8. Favorite Candy: This is separate from chocolate because I believe candy is in a class of its own. Everyone has a guilty pleasure -- mine is Reese’s anything -- and she will definitely appreciate the gesture. Because she’ll be watching her figure, she’ll mostly likely not each too much of it in front of you, so don’t worry about it. They will disappear over time.

BEST USE: At the movie theater. If there’s a candy she loves to get, it’s the best time to surprise her by getting it before you go to the concession stand.

7. Ice Cream: It may seem weird that I keep talking about food but food represents our biggest comfort source. Get her favorite flavor and she may question your intentions of making her fat, but the next time she stays in and watches a movie, she’ll be thinking of you while she eats her Cherry Garcia.

6. Massage / Spa Treatment: This is one of those things, you don’t actually have to be there for or even physically do. All you have to do is make the arrangements and dividends will be paid. She’ll be appreciative, relaxed and ready to thank you for the pampering.

TIP: Any type of pampering will do. The more pampering, the more special she’ll feel.

5. Getaway / Vacation: This is the perfect win/win. She wins because she is able to get away with you. You win for the same reasons. It could be a weekend roadtrip uptown. Or a legit vacation stay at a beach, make sure the two of you shut down the communication and spend time with each other.

The quote you’ll hear from her while on vacation: “You have NO idea how much I needed this.” You hear that, then you know you’ve won.

4. Jewelry: Not much to explain here. Any jewelry will do. Bonus points if you pay attention to what she likes and can surprise her with something nice.

3. Date: Something SO simple, yet easy to forget. Creating a date where you make the plans and all she has to do it show up is the best way to surprise her. And with that kind of spontaneity, she’ll be sure to surprise you later.

2. Sex: Sex doesn’t seem like it belongs here but the key here is the way you initiate it. The naughtier and unexpected, the more the surprise. Change up the location. Instead of waiting until it’s bedtime, try something in the morning. Maybe you can surprise her in the shower or some place “voyeur-esque.” And at the end of day, it's sex. Win/win.

1. Do something manly for her: Does she need the light fixture replaced? Her car washed?  Her bedroom walls repainted? If you can surprise her by doing “man things” and getting things done for her that she couldn’t, she’ll be making everyone jealous about what you’ve done. In other words, be a man, and maybe she’ll please you like one.

Variety is life’s easiest surprise. And variety can be created by the simplest of things.