How to Use FourSquare to Meet Women

Check-in your way to a coffee dateHere's a tip on a different strategy in dating that will “free Your mind.”

Like a true Maverick, you'll get an unorthodox approach to everyday scenarios that will help in your dating life and more.

Yeah, I said it -- and it’s not what you think.

For those who aren’t familiar with FourSquare, it is a location-based mobile app where users can “check-in” and share their location with friends.

Using FourSquare To Meet Women

Typically, you’ll see people (including me) talk about how you can use the FourSquare (and other third-party apps) to meet women. It’s a VERY underrated resource and one you should look into if you haven’t already. However, this advice isn’t about using the app. It’s about other people’s use of the app.

Case study: I want out with someone as they wanted to do an exposé of the difference between working with a wingman and a wingwoman. You can read it here.

When we were out, he saw a woman he thought was cute, wanted to talk to her but wasn’t sure what to say. I was able to see through my line of vision that she was using FourSquare to check in. I told him he should say something to her about FourSquare.

He had the most perplexed look I’ve seen in a while. It was clear he had no faith in what I had just told him -- and I don’t blame him. It does seem a little ridiculous, right? But, he went in there and it worked like a charm. She lit up like a July 4th fireworks show.

And I bet if he didn’t go in there with skepticism in mind, the interaction would have gone even better. So what’s the pearl of wisdom, here?

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The Maverick

There are tons of women who are on their phone while they’re out and for many men, they find it tough talking to women when that happens. Instead, see if they're using an app and if it’s one you use, use that commonality as a kickstart to your conversation.

You’ll never know who is a mobile-app enthusiast and if you love your apps, then this might be a REALLY good strategy to use.

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