Review of Café 47

Address: 47 Massachusetts Ave (at Marlborough), Boston, MA 02115


Cost: $

Special: Great Date Spot

This place is a gem in the list of great date spots and great spots overall in Boston. It’s simple in that it’s small and isn’t elaborate. But it’s a well put-together place. Beth, the owner, has put a TON of work into making this place a fun spot and I think she’s successful. What makes it great is that it serves two of my favorite things: wine and pizza. Their pizza is REALLY good. I personally haven’t had anything else but their pizzas but I’m okay with that. It’s THAT good. I feel pretty certain to think that the other food they offer is just as good. They offer both a reasonably-priced lunch and dinner menu.

Their wine selection is pretty extensive considering the type of place and it’s just enough variety that you can find an appropriate pairing with what you eat. Meaning, if you don’t really know much about wine, you can order something from the list and feel good about it. Here’s a tip: ask the waitress what wine they would recommend with what food.

The intimate setting provides a fun experience for you and your date. There’s even a small bar toward the back with a couple of TVs if you just want to chill out and have a couple drinks. I got a chance to talk with the owner and a few of the staff. They are all very cool people that want to make sure you have a fun time there. It’s a true neighborhood bar and a rarity in the Boston area. I give this place an A (94).

Good food
Intimate setting
Great date spot
Great staff
Neighborhood bar

Some can complain that it’s too small

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site: