To Answer Your Question

First of all, I want to thank you for all of the great comments I've received about the site. Some of you are VERY good in knowing where the company is going. I'm excited and thankful for the support. I've been getting a lot of emails asking about the whole "Apply Now" button that's on my front page. Most of them are along the lines of, "Why do people need to apply now?"

The answer is quite simple: I have a waiting list.

It's pretty crazy to think that one would even exist but it's been a pretty demanding year so far. I want to help EVERYONE. And I plan to do so.

Through this system, having people apply is the easiest way for me to keep track of who has contacted me and what exactly they are looking for. As I expand, I'll be able to accommodate more clients but for now, the list has to exist.

But don't worry, I actually am close to hiring another wingman which means more people to coach. It's still not too late to apply. The deadline for submitting applications is March 26.

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