What Do You Think? Wingman Approved?

It's no secret. I love video games. Always have, always will. When I started this company, I was hoping there was some way to put the two together. That some day, there would be a way gamers alike can come together, play Halo and make wonderful digital babies. My prayers have been answered. Or have they?

Welcome to GameCrush. The premise is pretty simple.

Issue: Hardcore gamers to play so much, it has effectively caused their social and dating lives to atrophy.

Solution: Allow gamers to play video games with attractive gamers (mostly female), while interacting with them through a webcam. What happens during these interactions is vaguely described but I'm sure you can use your imaginations here.

GameCrush | PlayDate Profile

It works through a credit system in which you can buy credits (100 credits = $1US) and use them toward having a "PlayDate" with someone (36 credits/min = 36¢US/min).

Having looked around, it's pretty apparent this isn't a dating site (it's a social gaming site), so they're not really looking to make connections. It seems like they're more about helping gamers be "socially satisfied" by connecting them with "hot" gamers. In a business aspect, this is pretty genius because the market exists for this service. In a social aspect, I'm not a fan. This is an instant gratification solution that doesn't solve a long-term issue of the inability to connect with people in-person. If this was more geared toward people's common interest in gaming, making connections and helping them get offline, this would be amazing.

Considering, you can register to become a PlayDate, you can actually get paid to play games with other gamers looking for companionship. Would this be something you'd want to try?

What are your thoughts on this?