4 Serious Dating Myths

Are they true? Or are they complete nonsense?

Important notes to consider:

3-Day Rule: You have to realize that you may not have been the only person she gave her number to. Unless you had a wildly memorable first impression with her, it’s important to carry whatever momentum built up the night before over into the next day.

Being Physical: You amplify attraction and sexual chemistry through verbal and physical flirting in your interaction. If you’re not doing that, you’re just having a friendly conversation (READ: you’re putting yourself in the friend’s zone.).

Limiting Availability: NOTE: This is NOT playing games by purposely ignoring her / not being available. You have a life; it shouldn’t change after one date and you shouldn’t necessarily be canceling plans for her. A woman will worry if after a first date, you’re calling / texting her all the time and canceling plans all the time for her. Live your life, as is, and slowly integrate her into your life as you continue to date.

Being a Leader: Status can be fame, money or looks-based. Even if you don’t have those things, you can still hold attractive leadership traits in different ways. One way is through a job. Bartenders, DJs, policemen, nightclub promoters, and special event planners are examples of jobs that allow you to exercise authority. Another way is through personality traits that exude leadership, such as your ability to make decisions, how you pursue your goals and the way you carry yourself in front of her, friends, strangers, etc.