After Taking Action, What’s Next?


I’ve had many people talk to me about how hard it is to approach and engage women. I give them the answers then they go out and do their thing. Weeks, sometimes days later, they’ll come back to me with the same problems. I ask them how many times did they try what I suggested and they only tell me a handful of times.

If that’s the amount of effort you’re going to put into your dating life, what can you possibly expect to get in return? Just because you decided to the take the risk ONCE or TWICE, doesn’t mean that you deserve to have women flock to you. And chances are those few attempts aren’t going to be successful.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s NOT going to be easy. The answers are simple but the work required isn’t. Like life, it’s not meant to be. Just like anything else, if you want it bad enough, you have to work hard to get it. If you want to feel comfortable talking with attractive women, you have to work on it - ALL THE TIME. There are NO days off. It requires really figuring out what you need to do, taking action and having DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is what gets you out of your own way. Discipline is what allows you to see improvements. Discipline is what gets the results you want.

It’s January 12. I hope by now, you have somewhat figured out a plan for improving your dating life. Once you take action, you NEED to stick to it.

You are going to fail, many times. You are going to make even more mistakes. There will be up and downs. But slowly and surely you’ll start to improve. Things will get better and soon you will accomplish things you’ve never imagined possible.

All you need is some discipline.

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