Review of Match (A BYFAD Bar)

Address: 94 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02215


Best Nights: Tuesdays (for food), Thursday and Saturday

Who Goes There: A good crowd of peeps on the younger side. Ladies night on Thursdays clearly draws a lot of women. Ages 24-35.

Cost: $$

Special: Tuesday $1 Burgers 5-10PM, Thursday Ladies Night $5 entrees 5-10PM.

BYFAD Location: Yes - Get your BYFAD card now!

Match is pretty interesting place. They are well known for their delicious mini burgers, which I think rivals MiniBar’s pretty well. It’s a great restaurant but also has a pretty good bar. The lounge-style atmosphere is what makes this place a fun place to hang out. Sometimes, I really wish there was an outdoor patio, though.

The bar is set up in a circle so you can pretty much order from anywhere and in the bar area, it is outlined my 4 lounge-style booths, good to fit 4-5 people each. In between the booths and the bar, there is a small island if you are standing and want to place your drink on a surface. Because of the small space, it can get packed pretty quickly, especially on Thursdays and Saturdays. Still, not as cramped as some other places.

If you are looking to meet people and hang out, you can do it here. People are fairly social and the bartenders are nice. Drinks are priced normally. At night, it would generally be a good idea to put on nicer clothes when going to this place. Because of the specials, it can easily be a good starting location for your night.

Every time I have been here, I’ve had a good time. If you’re a guy, Thursday nights are obviously the best nights to go but you can have a good time on almost any weekend night.

Rating: B (85).

Cool space

Ladies night
Amazing burgers

Fun vibe

Space is a little small
No outside patio

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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