New Tuesday spot: Charlie’s Beer Garden

Address: 10 Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA 02238

Who Goes There: Young college grads. Good mix of men and women, usually in groups. Ages 23-27.

Cost: $

Special: Charlie’s Kitchen on the inside. Some of the best burgers in the Boston-area

BYFAD Location: No

I just wanted to put out a quick blurb. One of the perks of being a dating consultant is that you get to take clients to a variety of places to meet a variety of people. Sometimes, you know just the perfect spot for them and other times, you like going to new places and seeing what it’s like. Every so often, I get to come across some really cool places.

The benefit: YOU get to hear about them.

Charlie’s Beer Garden is a very small but fun outside place for people in Harvard Square who are looking to hang with friends. By no means would I call this a dating spot but you can certainly get to meet new people. I was there on a last night (Tuesday) and it was packed. Lots of people with a good mix of men and women and I can see that nights can get out of hand pretty quickly.

This place can be easy to walk by just because it’s below ground level but the entrance on the side will lead you into this small area with a full bar, seats and tables and standing room. They also serve food, which is pretty cool. Like I said, it’s small so it can get crowded pretty easily but the atmosphere is awesome. I was only there for about 15 minutes so I can’t really give a complete review but I can say that it’s worth checking out if you’re in Harvard Square. Look out for a review of this place the next time I am in the area.

And of course, don’t forget about Charlie’s Kitchen. Some great food is cooked there.

See what people on Twitter are saying about Charlie's Beer Garden:
Jennalyns: "Love it there in the fall! And summer. And spring."

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