Review of Bell in Hand

Address: 45 Union St. Boston, MA 02108


Best Nights: Friday & Saturday

Who Goes There: During the week, older men, fewer women. Ages 30-40. On the weekend, younger people. Much more women. Ages 24-30.

Cost: $$

Special: None

BYFAD Location: No

The Bell in Hand Tavern is a pretty fun place. You know, there really isn’t much to it. There’s a small bar on one side with a few TVs for games. On the other side, there’s another bar with an open space for a live band that plays a few times a week. Then you can go upstairs to another bar with an even bigger space, which is usually open on the weekends for DJs and some dancing (there is a $10 cover on the weekend, which can be a downer).

I’ve been there a few times and I haven’t really been able to find anything unique about it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just another option in the variety of places on Union Street. Maybe others can tell me what can make this place amazing. On the bright side, you can meet people here. The environment can bring some anxiety if you’re nervous about approaching women (or guys for that matter) but you can still do it. People are more social here than meets the eye.

A good time overall, though. Nothing crazy about this place but a fun time gets this place a C+ (79).

Plenty of space
Good music
Live bands
You can actually meet women

Nothing special
$10 cover on the weekends

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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