Review of MJ O’Connors

Address: 27 Columbus Avenue (next to the Park Plaza Hotel), Boston, MA 02116


Best Nights: Friday, Saturday

Who Goes There: Late night workers; people in the restaurant, hospitality and nightlife entertainment industries. Usually mostly guys. Age varies on the night – 28-45.

Cost: $$

Special: None

BYFAD Location: No

I remember my friend telling me about this place when I was working with him at the Taj. All he told me was, “it’s close, you can drink, the people are cool.” For me, that was all I needed after a long day at work. Back in the day, I would get off at around 11 or later. In Boston, that is a killer. By the time you clean yourself up and get together with friends, you pretty much have an hour left in the night. Fortunately, MJ O’Connors was around and that place still has me going there.

MJ’s is a very fun, upscale Irish bar with a very personable staff. They really don’t forget a face. That was proven to me when I wasn’t there for a month, had much more hair on my face and showed up not wearing work clothes. I talked to a bartender who was only working there for a little bit the last time she saw me and she remembered who I was and what I wanted to drink. Definitely a plus.

MJ’s is pretty big in size with two separate rooms, one for more classic dining and the other being a total bar with booths and TVs all around. With exits on both sides of the Park Plaza island block, it should give you a good sense of how big this place is. On the bar side, they also have an outdoor patio where people can hang out as well or have some food.


The food I have tried has been really good. Although I’ve only been there to have appetizers, I have not been disappointed with anything they’ve given me. No, they do not have wings…but they do have these really good drumsticks!

It doesn’t take long to become a regular if you are into that welcoming atmosphere where people just want to hang out after work and enjoy a few drinks with people. It’s easy to make friends and of many places I go in Boston, this is one of the few I know where you can show up alone and can almost guarantee yourself leaving having known a few new people – and sometimes, it’s not even by choice.

I wouldn’t really consider MJ’s a date spot or a place to meet the opposite sex if you are looking for something more than just a fling or fun. But if you are looking to meet some cool people who work in the area and just a very welcoming and friendly experience, then I’d go the MJ’s. I give this place a 93 (A-).

Great atmosphere
Fun staff
Good crowds of people
Really good, classic Boston bar

None really, if anything, not for the younger crowd

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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