Review of Minibar

Address: 51 Huntington Avenue (at the Copley Square Hotel), Boston, MA 02116


Best Nights: Friday and Saturday

Who Goes There: Mostly young professionals, even ratio of men to women. Ages 25-40.

Cost: $$

Special: $2 Mini Burger – Monday – Thursday 5-7PM

BYFAD Location: Yes - Get your BYFAD card now!

I haven’t heard much about this place. Don’t think it’s been open for a long period of time, since they were doing some remodeling at the hotel but when I went there the other night, I was really impressed with what I saw.

The set up is totally designed to be a chill place. A relatively small bar with a TV and then open space filled with furniture and tables. What I thought was pretty cool was that the seats can be moved around pretty easily to accommodate to any size party. Long couch, separate seats, small two-seater, very easy and very cool. There is a small outdoor patio where people can chill but based on the location, there really isn’t a great view or opportunity to people watch.

Although, I was there on a Wednesday night, it was still relatively quiet. It’s not really the best location for this place but in my opinion, the fact that not many people know about this could be a great thing – not necessarily for their business but for people who want to have a very chill atmosphere that they can enjoy with friends and not feel so crowded.

This place has some serious potential to be killer spot. Could be a great place to go and have a few drinks after work or right before going to Saint, which is right around the corner.

Here’s the update:

I got a chance to check it out on two other nights: Monday and Saturday. Monday was a quiet and chill place, which is perfect if you want to go to a place for a quick drink and conversation. The bartenders are awesome and always wanting to talk and hang for a bit, which is nice. Like I said, the perfect spot for people who don’t like large crowds but likes to still be in a fun atmosphere.

Saturday was a different experience simply because there was more people. Still not enough for me to say it was crowded (I was able to get to the bathroom with ease), but enough people to enhance the chill vibe that I’ve been talking about this whole time. Being able to sit out on the patio and have a few drinks with people – regardless of the not-so-great view – makes it such a prime spot for late-evening activities. I would even consider Minibar a good place to meet people just because of the social vibe. I’d go give it a look.

My official rating for this place after second review is a B+ (88).

Great atmosphere
Outdoor patio
Good music
Cool setup/furniture
Never crowded

Not enough people

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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