Building Your Social Network (Offline)

In light of going to SXSW tomorrow, I wanted to share with you something really good. I was watching an episode of the Mens' Room and I just kept thinking to myself, "wow, that guy REALLY reminds me Is that going to be me 5 years from now?" This guy is very cool and he talks about many things about developing your social circle and how good relationships can be the best part of your life. This is a VERY good listen.

I bring this up because going to SXSW, I will have the chance to meet many new people, through online networks as well as offline networks. Walking into a bar and talking to strangers will never be so easy. Many people who go to these kinds of events are looking to network and build relationships. Through my experience, I am going to have many posts about how to maintain these great relationships offline - where it really counts.

And yes, I am also going to talk about how this relates to dating as well. Yes, we can all have an amazing experience online, but can you imagine the kind of life you can have with those relationships offline?

The next time you hear from me, I will be in Austin, Texas.

Keep it simple.*

*My new tagline. You like?

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