Career Opportunities & Asking For What You Want

I think it’s pretty important that I get into more of what goes on in my life for many reasons.

A. To prove that I am human and that even shit happens to me.
B. How I apply all of the things that I teach in my life and show that I am still constantly learning. If I stopped learning, what good would I be to myself and other people? Sometimes, I feel people forget that. I do an enormous amount of reading to learn new things and new ways of thinking, not only to help myself but also to make my consulting more efficient and effective.

All that aside, let me update you on what’s been going on. This week, we’ll get into more of my career.

Besides being a lifestyle and dating coach, I also work in the hospitality biz. When I left college, I wanted to get a design position at a firm. When I wasn’t having success, I picked up a job being a valet. When I was in college, I would work as a valet over the summer to make some quick cash. Let me tell you, being a valet can make you some serious cash if you are working in the right place. You wonder why you see older men working there? Well it’s because it requires the least amount of work and gets you the most money, with little skill. I personally used to race cars a little and I love working on cars so I always had an interest in cars, which appealed to me. The tips were a huge bonus.

I was working at a luxury hotel for a few months when I realized that I wanted to get more involved in the hotel biz and learn more about management. I requested a promotion and my company sent me over to a high-volume hotel as a cashier. It was fun and the computer work was easy. It gave me a chance to handle finances a little and learn about being a figure of authority. I worked there for many months and I figured it was time to move up again. I talked to my bosses and they tried to find me a spot. It took some time. Actually a lot more time than I was originally promised. In fact, I was getting impatient because due the decline of the economy, my hours were cut and I went from working 40 hours to as little as 10 hours a week. Not good for the paycheck.

I decided to start applying for jobs again in the video game industry (because my goal is to become an executive producer for a great video game publishing company – maybe my own). I was even open to relocating, applying to jobs in California, Florida and Texas. After a while, I began to get frustrated with what was going on. In fact, there was a point where I was going to quit because I wasn’t happy. For me, when I am not happy, I like to get out of the situation and figure out my next move. When it came to my career, this was a little different. I didn’t want to just walk in the office and quit. One of the things that I have changed about myself is not being afraid to express my feeling and ask for what I want.

So at the last minute, I decided to express my unhappiness and see what kind of resolution and bosses and I can come to. We had a great discussion and they told me that they might have something in the works for me that they thought it would be a perfect fit for my personality and me. I chose to sit and wait to hear what they had for me.

I knew that with every valley, there would be a peak. I wasn’t sure when this peak would show but I knew it would. The important thing was for me to keep my eyes open for it.

And then last week, it happened.

I got my promotion and now I am now the newest member of the management team at a new hotel. I am SO excited and I am starting tomorrow (when you read this, I will have started already). Originally, I was supposed to start when I get back from SXSW but they wanted me in ASAP so I accepted. The hotel’s environment is awesome, the staff is great, and I got to meet the general manager over the weekend and he is a cool guy. I am VERY excited.

I am glad that I stuck in there and waited for my chance. I was waiting for the opening to take action and it came. Now, we will see where this goes. I love socializing and helping people and right now, being in a hotel is the perfect fit for me – especially this hotel.

I’d like to know how are your career pursuits going? Are you happy with your job? If not, what do you think is holding you back from getting where you need to be?