A Few Sites I'd like to Share

I read upwards of a 100 articles a day online and every so often there are some sites that I love reading, no matter what the content is. I feel that no matter what is up there, there is a chance to learn and better myself. Sometimes, it's at the expense of others' experiences but you know what? That's a part of learning and I appreciate the many people who are courageous enough to share those experiences.

Having said that, I wanted to introduce 3 sites that I am on regularly and I think are worth checking out. I also have added them to my "Great Links" section as a way of welcoming them into my personal family of great websites.

The first is Pick-up Evolution. This site has been killing it since the beginning of 2009 and it's led by Legend and Edge. These are the real deal in wanting to better themselves, period. Whether it comes to dating, social lives and everything else, they have the right mentality. My props to them and you guys should check them out! I'm not sure if they would consider themselves pick-up artists, but regardless, the content the put up is quality. You can follow Edge on Twitter here.

The second is one is Sex, Lies and Dating. It is run by the one and only SINgleGIRL on Twitter. Her blog talks about what it's like to be an older woman dating in New York City. She has a lot of guts putting her dating life out there uncensored and I really admire her for that. The great thing about it is, even though she doesn't put out direct adivce or anything of the sort, if any guy has sense, he will check this site out and begin to learn some of the inner thoughts of a woman who has amazing social prowess and has been in the dating scene for many years. She can teach you a lot about what guys should and shouldn't do when it comes to dating - especially when it comes to online dating. She might be one woman's perspective but she has some great stuff and you should check her out as well.

The third one is Awakening From the Dream. The woman who runs this blog is Erika. There is something about her that keeps me intrigued and I love her for that. Any woman that can keep my interest is someone special. She talks about seduction and a lot of "outside the box" thinking when it comes to dating and making a great emotional connection with someone. She, too, is a fan of the Matrix so she's won my heart by default. Her site is a great change of pace and allows my mind to break free from the norm. Definitely check her out!

So as I come across more awesome sites, I will briefly talk about them and hope you all check them out!

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