What to Get Me for Valentine’s Day?

With all of this nonsense about V-Day, it actually upsets me a little that we’ve been bought into this thinking that we have to get someone something for this day. We already have Christmas, our birthdays, anniversaries and various other days to use as excuses to get something. Why all the pressure on a day that can be seen as just ridiculous? I’d rather look for a gift on a much less recognized holiday, such as Grandparent’s Day than have to feel pressured to do something two Saturdays from now.

With that out of the way, some of you are still going to go ahead and get something anyway. I’ve been asked many times about what to get a guy for V-Day. I almost feel flattered that people think about us guys on this day when the public perception would be that such a day is used to pamper the women. We deserve some fine treatment too and I refuse to apologize for that!

So, here are some ideas to get the brain juices flowing and maybe you can figure which idea is the go-to.*

*Here’s another disclaimer. We’re very easy to please.

1. The obvious: Sexy lingerie and sex. Pretty straightforward and it’ll please any man. I’ve received some feedback already saying that sex may not be possible due to “womanly” issues and so don’t worry, there are other good ones.

2. The caregiver: Food and beer. Even if you can’t cook, find a way to recreate his favorite meal and get some beer for him, or whatever he likes to drink. It’ll be a nice dinner you two can have and he’ll be happily full.

3. The listener: Get him a video game. If he likes video games, and you know what he likes, get him something he may have talked about. He’d be blown away that you remembered something that he would just assume you ignored – unless you’re a gamer (which is pretty sexy, in my opinion). Other cool gifts would be tickets a concert for a sporting event.

4. The potentially sinful: Take him to a casino. For those who can, this is a pretty cool time regardless what you do. If you want to make it a special getaway, get a hotel room there and spend the night/weekend there. The casino can carry many forbidden pleasures for the two of you. See where it takes you two.

5. The win-win: Take the two of you out for a couples massage. There’s no reason why his gift can’t be yours either. And no guy will turn down a good rub down, especially during this time of year when things can be VERY stressful (in reality, he shouldn’t because there aren’t many things better than a massage). There are plenty of places that do couples massages with hot tubs, saunas and whole bit. Take advantage and at the end of the day, you two will just want to do nothing but relax. You might even forget that it was Valentine’s Day.

6. The What? “Get out of jail free” card. This was brought up by another person. Want to relieve the pressure of V-Day? Let him know that he’s safe – for now. One of two things will happen. He’ll either not do anything, like you allowed, or he’ll surprise you and do something anyway. If the latter happens, I say that card could be used for another time.

Those are just a few. I’d love to hear what other guys think. I’d also love to hear what women are planning to get their guys, if anything at all. One woman told me, “my boyfriend hates Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, so do I.”

My response: “Well that’s just too easy.”

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