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A question from a local nightlife worker

Hey, I remember you said something about things to do in your service industry to meet people you're interested in...Please share.

Boston, MA

Hey John!

Here is link to the episode of WingmanTV that talked about this in true detail.

Episode #8: How to Pick Up a Bartender

In the meantime, here are some good tips:

1. Always be friendly with everyone (I know this is your job but some people do actually forget.). Give special attention to the women you are interested in. When I mean special attention, I don't mean special treatment. Just talk to her and her friends more every chance you get. To be honest, it all starts from the moment you check her ID. Be playful and have a sense of spirit. The more cool you seem, the more likely she’ll want to come outside and hang with you when she smokes or joins her friends . Since you work the front door, you are a man of authority and inherently attractive. Use that to your advantage.

2. If you think someone is interested in you, let her know when you are usually working the door she knows when you two can see each other again.

3. If you want to ask her out or get her number, since you can't really be messing around with the phone while you work (or can you? I don't know), tell her to put down YOUR number and then have her text you her name. It's easy, simple and very discreet.

Those should be some good starters. Let me know if that helps.

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