Boston Spotlight: PlanetTran

Finally Feel Good About Being Driven Around Boston

In the world of transportation service, there’s little I know except that I can pay for someone to drive me to where I’d like to go. But as you look deeper, there are different reasons we use different types of transportation services. Let’s look at a few.

Status: Sure, who DOESN’T want to be driven around in a nice car? Who DOESN’T want to say, “I’ll call my driver so he’ll pick us up later?” Having the ability to call a driver whenever you want and have him or her drive you to wherever you need shows that you’re not only cool but also have disposable income to afford it. Simple.

Convenience: Sometimes, you just don’t want to drive anywhere. Getting a rental or a ZipCar isn’t good enough because you know you’ll be busy all day and would just rather relax in the back of the car knowing you’ll still get home. Sometimes, it’s worth the convenience alone.

But what about contribution to the environment?

That’s where PlanetTran comes in.

PlanetTran is the nation’s first transportation service that only uses Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles. Available in San Francisco and in parts of New England, I can honestly say that this service could be a game changer in the transportation business.

“Am I going to be shuttled around in a Prius, though? Where’s the status in that?”

There is a chance you can be shuttled around in a Prius, yes. But you ARE being shuttled. You CAN request a more suitable hybrid. They do offer a Lexus hybrid (either the new HS or the GS hybrid). If you are carrying more people or things, they offer hybrid SUVs as well. I’m telling you, this is a great service for quick trips and late nights out with friends.

“So what REALLY makes PlanetTran different than any other service?”

Well, for one, EVERY vehicle is equipped with wi-fi. It’s pretty reliable and fast. I was really impressed when I discovered that. Some of the hybrids offer outlets too so you can potentially run a mini mobile office, which is awesome. Also, besides the fact that you’re doing good to the earth (we’ll get into that later), you get to talk to the driver, who will always seem to be the most jovial person. I love it especially when travel can be stressful. It’s always good to have someone there maintain a energetic, positive attitude.

There’s also this REALLY cool feature where you can track your carbon footprint by using the service. It gives you a summary of your gas reduction in pounds. See, even I am contributing.


Other things include the ability to book reservations online and by far, the best customer service of ANY transportation company.

Overall, the experience was GREAT. And if my testimony isn’t good enough, PlanetTran has the return rate to back it up - WELL over 95%.

I certainly will be using them again and you should too! So, thanks to PlanetTran, I get to offer you guys a special promotion!

From now until the end of February 2010, first-time users get 50% off their trip! Just go to PlanetTran to book your reservation and use the coupon code WINGMAN77 to redeem your discount!

This a GREAT opportunity for Boston travelers. And don’t worry, I make NOTHING off of this post and promotion. I just really like what PlanetTran represents.

And as an added bonus, I think this would be great to use when you're on a date. 

Happy travels!

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