Review of Beacon Hill Pub

Address: 49 Charles St

Who Goes There: young neighborhood people, ages 23-30

Price: $

Best Nights to Go: TBA

Specials: drink specials to the max, including $5 drafts

Beacon Hill Pub is a great place for young people to show up. If you're here with friends, there are plenty to things to entertain you including basketball!

Mostly guys usually come because it's your typical dive and there's cheap beer but there's a decent amount of women that are here now. I can imagine more would come on busier nights.

The place is split into to "sections." Both are the same, except one room has the ball game.

Staff is friendly but it's not the best place I'd say to meet women or have a good time with friends. Not that it's terrible but there are better.

And, it's @JustinObey's birthday so be sure to give him love.

Rating: 76 C