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Waitress at McGreevys

Let’s get right into it. When someone in the group is interested in a bartender or waitress that is working at a bar or restaurant, I truly believe that there needs to be discussion prior to making the move. What could possibly be talked about? Well, there’s a lot that can be at risk when attempting such a move.

There’s a risk in your friend not being comfortable going back to that place. If the attempt bombs or if you two actually go out and end up hating each other, it may not be in his best interest to go back to that place. Not only will she talk to her co-workers, her co-workers will talk to the regulars that frequent the place, pretty much blacklisting him from being able to have a good time or meet people there.

Also, you friend may jeopardize the ability of everyone around him as well – including you. It’s a guilty-by-association kind of thing.

But if you trust the guy, let him do this thing and act like you don’t know what’s going on, then there’s a chance things can work out. All you have to do is give your buddy a helping hand.

So one of my buddies thought that one of the waitresses that was serving us was cute. I told him to go for it. And so he did. There was lots of energy and fun and engaging conversation, as I would only expect of him. What was important was that his friends would have the same energy and can provide the same amount of fun, which would inherently up his value to her as a potential someone to hang out with. So all I did was crack jokes, ask fun questions, talked up my buddy and be almost as cool as he was, without taking his spotlight or getting her attracted to me. Very important in the Wingman Code of Ethics. You don’t want her attention veering from your friend. You want to highlight all of the reasons why your friend is the catch and she should take chance – even if it is at a place WHERE SHE’S WORKING – to go out with him.

Then there is a certain point where you take a step back and see if he can actually get her to hang out with him outside of the bar. At that point, he’s on his own. If you are wondering, my buddy was successful and she met up with us (to be read as “him”) later on that night.

The point is this: if you’re out with friends at a bar or restaurant and one of them really wants to try to get a date with the waitress or bartender, have “the talk” first then be fully supportive in helping him get there. It’s a rare feat but one that’s totally possible.

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