The Wingman Labs: Wingwoman?

People have asked me if it’s better to have a wingman or wingwoman in these kinds of situations. My answer: it depends. Think of it this way.

For those that watch Entourage, you’ll get this REALLY quickly.

Example wingman: Vincent Chase


The man is a superstar and can pretty much get any woman. The fact that I can just walk with him makes me look like a superstar as well. Why? Because the fact that Vinny wants to hang with me tells people that I must be a cool guy to have Vinny want to hang with me. This is how Turtle and Eric have been able to work their ways up to live the lives they’re living now.

The similarity here is that if you're hanging with your best friend(s), they are going to make you feel as though you have it going on, which will be a natural confidence boost. Women like guys who are comfortable in their own skin and can have a good time. A quality wingman will make you feel like the man all the time.

Example wingwoman: Brittany (Eric’s Assistant – played by Kate Mara)

An awesome friend and she’s very beautiful. Definitely can do everything that a typical wingman would do but she serves as standing proof that hot women like to be around you. That is the only thing having wingman can’t do for you (unless he can make up in other ways, such as wealth, fame, athletic stature, etc.). Women see this and they can actually feel better about the fact that women are comfortable around you. There’s also the wonder of if the two of you are dating, which inherently creates a jealousy complex that can drive women nuts and make you appear that much more appealing. That within itself is the true value of having a wingwoman.

I think I might be running the wrong service here.

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