Review of McGreevy’s

Address: 911 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02115


Best Nights: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Red Sox home games

Who Goes There: Mostly young people. Good ratio of men and women Ages 23-28.

Cost: $$

Special: Mondays – 10-cent wings (only football season?), Tuesdays - $3 PBR tall-boys and 10-cent wings


There are some nights when I just end up at McGreevy’s and I don’t know how it happened. I don’t think I’ve ever planned a night involving McGreevy’s but somehow, I end up there. I mean, clearly there’s something about this place that gets me to walk in more often than walk by.

When you go in, it’s just your typical bar (at this point, I’ve been to so many bars that I just see the same thing), but with the younger bar and wait staff, fun music and proximity to Berklee College and the Fenway area, it draws a good young crowd. This is a great place for college and post-grads looking to have a good time with friends and even make new ones. People seem to be pretty receptive to talking to you just as long as you fulfill the minimum requirement of not being creepy. Like I said before, expect a younger crowd to be here, so if you’re pushing 40, this wouldn’t really be the place for you.

The upstairs goes back pretty far and it was a bar at both ends. However, the space is narrow and with booths and table bordering the space, so it can get pretty cramped in there on the weekends. Be prepared to have people bump into or move you throughout the night if you’re in a high-traffic area. There is also a downstairs that is usually used for private events or bands but people can socialize as well downstairs if you want to get away from the mass temporarily.

It’s a good spot for Red Sox games, whether on TV or for home games. Typically, you’ll see some people pre-game there before heading to the game and then potentially coming back after the game (more likely on a win…on a weekend). With a few of their specials revolving around sports, it can be a decent sports bar.

Overall, McGreevy’s serves as a decent choice among the bars in that area. Although there are about 7 bars in two block radius, McGreevy’s does end up being one of the better choices out of the group. I give it an 83 (B-) overall.

Fun sports bar
Great place for meeting people
Awesome staff
10-cent wings

Can get too crowded on the weekends
Bar space is minimal

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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