WingmanTV Live TODAY!

Today I am REALLY excited to be doing my FIRST WingmanTV Live! And boy, what a special event it's going to be. Not only will it be part of a back-to-back segment with Nomx3, a show that goes to lunch, (literally) but also Gary Vaynerchuk will be doing a book signing for his new book, Crush It!

This is a very meaningful moment in my life, considering it was only over a year ago that I discovered Gary Vaynerchuk. His relentless attitude and positive aspect on life, inspired me to start what The Professional Wingman is today. He has (and his brother) been a great mentor to me and I can't possibly thank him enough.

It's kind of cool that while he's celebrating his latest milestone, his newest book that is killing the Amazon rankings, I am celebrating my own milestone, having my first live show. It will be streamed live (Follow me on Twitter to get the active link) and I'll do what I can to have it set up on the site here.

If you can't watch the live streaming today, look out for the show next Monday.

I thank you all and I hope to hear from/see you soon!

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