Groundhog Day

Isn't Groundhog Day coming up? Anyway, Groundhog Day is a day where the same thing happens. Groundhog comes up, doesn't see a shadow, spring comes early. It's the same routine everyday. Remember the movie, "Groundhog Day," where he had to repeat the same day over and over again until he got it right and everything worked out? Well, it is true that practice makes perfect. Why can't it true of dating? Why can't it be true of specific dates?

Now, for people that know me, you know that I don't promote nonsense coming from pick-up artists. You know promote quality things from quality people. Doc Holliday, a friend of mine has created a book that helps guys figure out the guesswork in creating a fun date that can still be unique regardless of the repetition.*

*Let me put my dsclaimer here and say that if a guy were to try to do the same things on a date 50 times in a row (going to the same location, trying do the same things, etc.) with 50 different women, the interaction and results will still be unique. Which is why I always promote having my guys go out there and approach women. Every interaction will be different because you are not talking to the same girl (at the same time, for that matter). Plus, you don't have to complicate things if you don't need to.

The great thing I like about Doc is that he doesn't give out formulas or methods. All of what he gives are guidelines, because he's a believer in letting the individual actually coming up with their own flare, which is something I think is important. If you're just copying someone else, you're not doing what you would do, you're doing what someone else would. That, my friend = unoriginality.

He provides good tips on how to make any first date a successful one depending on what your goals are. With practice, you can definitely guarantee yourself a second date with these tips - and more, if you so choose.

It's only a 10-page e-book and so if I were to give you details, I'd pretty much be telling you what's in the book. I'd rather have you guys check it out for yourself.

Oh, yeah, I completely forgot an important part of this book. It's free.

Go here to check out the free book.

Doc is a part of Practical Pickup, which is Boston-based company that helps guys specifically with women. He partners with Mark, who as you know, I wrote a kick-ass review of his book, the Dating Solution.

These two also do very good 3-day bootcamps all over the country. I have personally seen the two of these guys speak and they are awesome speakers. It just so happens that I am doing this review at the right time because Mark and Doc are holding a bootcamp right here in Boston, February 6-8. If you want to sign up now, go ahead! Sign up now! These guys are great. And I'm not saying this because I know them.

So check out the book, let me know what you think and if you want a chance to see these guys, let me know and I can set you up with these guys. There's a lot you can learn from these two.

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