Not Your Typical Valentine’s Day Post (Part 2)

This is another story about Valentine’s Day that makes me remember how much fun I used to have in high school and just being a guy who was so happy to have someone that I cared about. Please check out Part 1 as I talk about Valentine’s Day and my perception of the holiday.

So for Valentine’s Day, I had another awesome and elaborate plan. This was going to definitely take the cake, compared to what I did the year before. Here is basically what I did.

I had the unbelievable fortune to be able to pretty much do whatever I wanted in high school. I could have almost come and go as I pleased and I almost always had my way. Wanting to take full advantage of that, I decided to let everyone in my class know how much I loved this girl. So I bought 8 carnations and hid them in my guidance counselor’s office. Every period, I would leave my class, claiming to go to the bathroom, make a pit stop at the counselor’s office, grab a carnation and head straight to my girlfriend’s class. Now I had a pretty crap memory and couldn’t remember where her classes were, and so I give thanks to the other guidance counselors who helped me out and gave me her class schedule.

Walking to her class, I had no idea what I was going to do. I mean this could have either worked out big time, or completely crashed and burned. And who was to say that the teacher would have allowed me to go in there and interrupt the class just to hand out a flower?

Well, I just popped into the class – I don’t even remember knocking - looked for her, walked over and handed her the flower. Feeling pretty good about how I was doing, I pushed it a little more and gave her a kiss on the cheek, whispering, “I love you,” in her ear. If you could hear the “awws,” it was ridiculous. The teacher just couldn’t help but smile and say, “that was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.”

So I knew I was in the clear. I proceeded to do that every period. There was one class that we were in together and so I just beat her there and placed the flower on her desk. I mean, you couldn’t find a happier person than her and I was happy because of that. Even at lunch, I remember guys just heckling me about what I was doing. Come to find out they were just mad that they didn’t think of it first. And yes, I did look for her during her lunch break to give her a flower and a kiss.

At the end of the day, I figured I had to have some type of conclusion to this demonstration so after giving her the last flower in her class; I went back to the counselor’s office and gathered the rest of her gifts. It included chocolate and little teddy bears. I proceeded to go her locker and stuff the chocolate bars in between her books (it looked just like little books - it was genius!) and tie the bears to one of the hooks so that it’ll fall out of her locker when she opened it.

I decided not to be in the vicinity when this went down and I remember being at my locker getting ready to leave for practice when I heard a scream. I couldn’t help but to smirk. Then as I walk over to her, I remember her running toward me and jumping into my arms. Man, I did good.

Not a bad way to go out, senior year in high school. I don’t think I could have topped that even if I tried, but it was all fun for me. Seeing the look on her face and knowing that she was happy made it all worthwhile.

If that’s what you are looking to do for Valentine’s Day, don’t bother. Why don’t you do it now or prepare for something big tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is a special day within itself but still. Why wait? It’s not like you’re going to love her more on that day, more so than any other day. Forget Valentine’s Day and if you really wanted to spoil her with something nice, you’d have done it already. Don’t feel forced to have to do anything over the top on that day. If there's anything you do guys, just give something that is creative and from the heart. Be sincere. This is not Christmas when you may be able to get away with a token gift. And ladies, although it would be nice, let’s not pressure your man into doing something if that is just not him. A. He’s already feeling the pressure. B. If he comes up short, it's going to be a letdown.

I already find it interesting that we are coming across the time when most breakups occur during the year.

I have one more story that I want to share which took place in college which I thought was silly but I liked it so I’ll talk share it anyway.

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