Virginity = $3.5 Million

Yeah, you thought what I talked about was insane. Oh, you don't remember? It was actually one of the first articles that I ever wrote on Project Infinity. You know, the one about Natalie Dylan, offering her virginity up for auction? You can see the article here to refresh your memory. But if you thought this story was just going to go away, you are sorrowly mistaken. Check this out.

Bids have been made in excess of $3.5 million. $3.5 million! There have been over ten thousand bids made for this 22-year old brunette. I still don't think she's even that hot.

But I also find it ridiculous that in this economy, there are men willing to shell out even half of that amount of a night of virgin sex, when you can take $3.5 million and buy a house, a boat, throw a huge and ridiculous party, invite hot girls over who you can seduce however they want and still have pocket change.

Blows my mind sometimes what people are into and the lengths they'll go.

But yeah. $3.5 million.

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