It All Starts With You

You have to decide what you want. As this should go without saying, the more important thing is how to do such a thing. What the hell am I talking about?

It’s commonly said that if you can just be yourself, women will like you. This is true…to an extent. If you are a fun, high energy, interesting and confident person, you will attract any woman you want. So here is my point: Are you fun? Do you have high levels of energy that can pick up a crowd? Are you confident? Are you an interesting person?

Those points are just some of the keys to having a lifestyle that women are attracted to. What you need to do is incorporate your DNA, that tells you who you are, into your lifestyle. That’s what makes you not only unique, but also genuine and that will stand out over any man. So don’t go start skydiving and buy a motorcycle just because you think it’ll get you women. I mean, it might but that’s not genuine. Do things that you are passionate about. Passion is one of the things that gives people character.

Love video games? Be passionate about it. You many think that many girls do not like video games but if you’re passionate about it, they have no choice but to respect it and they will find it attractive…yes, video games and attractive in the same sentence. It’s possible.

Find cool activities to do. Like wine? Go to a wine tasting. Order wine when you go out to dinner. Like sports? Join a social sports club and play for a team in a sport you like to play. Like trivia? Go to a bar with friends and play once a week.

Busy yourself with cool things that YOU enjoy. With all of these things, you get to have fun, learn a lot about yourself and meet plenty of people.

Things tend to come naturally to you when you’re having fun. You’re carefree and you seem to find yourself. And knowing who you are is the most important step in knowing what you want.