4 Subtle Signs of Success in Your Life

I came across this article earlier in the week and thought that this would be a good gauge for how well you are improving in your social life transformation. I, of course, will provide my own "milestone gauge" when you sign up for my program, which is coming very soon. It'll be a cool thing to be able to physically see your goals and your track towards getting there.

This post is from the site, Reality Method 2.0 and it's just indicating some "milestones" that you can use to determine if you are on the right track toward success with women and in ilfe. Hold on to this because this has some very good information. Very, very cool post.

Stay tuned for more!

Self-improvement is a challenging game. It’s tough, results are sometimes slow in coming, and it never ends.

For this reason, it’s good to be conscious of the small steps we take along the way that are worth recognizing. It’s worth paying attention to the seemingly-subtle changes in our attitudes that go a long way.

Below are a few of my favorite “turning points”. If you have met these milestones, you can take at least a moment of respite in the knowledge that you are, in fact, on the right track.

Four Subtle Signs of Success

1. You can have a good time going out by yourself. Yes, all by yourself. I know a lot of guys who are very resistant to this idea — I know just as many guys who actually prefer to go ‘lone wolf’ it. Whichever category you fit into (or neither), when you are capable of going out by yourself and having a good time — whether that be socializing, sarging, enjoying the music and the DJing or enjoying the dancing — you have arrived. You are self-sufficient. You are a party unto yourself.

It’s paradoxical but true — the avoidance of appearing to be partying by yourself — fear of the “loser” label if you are seen just sitting by yourself, drinking, not socializing — is what causes guys to do awkward, socially inept things. See also “checking out the club”. See also “going to the bathroom”. See also “nervously texting everyone in your phone in an attempt to look socially proofed”. Guys fumbling with their phones all night long are NOT sexy.

If you’re going solo, rid yourself of emotional drama about it and just do it, to the hilt. I have gotten into some great interactions by sitting, solo, like a bump on a log, drinking. If you can enjoy yourself, sitting alone and drinking, then you are golden. Everything above that will be gravy.

And, of course, the important part of all this is that you don’t just get comfortable being by yourself, and then stay that way forever. You get comfortable doing just that — and then you get bored doing just that. Your comfort being alone necessitates that you move on to the next level, which is comfort in social interactions with other people.

I guarantee you that, until you can be comfortable being alone with yourself, you will never really be as comfortable with other people as you could be.

2. When you get excited, rather than scared, by the idea of getting into socially awkward situations. This applies to AMOGing, approaching groups of girls alone, calling low-probability or old numbers up, when you decide to call rather than text, or go talk to someone face to face rather than picking up the phone. When you have made the mental step to see those situations as positive stress that will improve your ability to deal with life, rather than negative stress that have the potential to overwhelm you and send you into a downward spiral, you have made the quantum leap.

This is a good time to remember that some stress is good; in fact, without stress, life as we know it would not exist. Stress is what drives learning (any skill), growth (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and evolution (the process of overcoming “stressful” problems).

Now there is such a thing as negative stress. Too much stress, or constant low-level stress, wears us out and erodes our ability to function. The modern American 50-hour work week is, in fact, a great example of negative stress, and is probably behind a great deal of our chronic illnesses. But I digress. You want positive stress in your life; and when you start seeing challenging social situations as opportunities to add some positive stress, you are well on your way.

3. When you stop getting excited by the prospect of getting off. The seduction game — all of it — is about so much more than the release. As men, our principle desire is for freedom. This freedom can come in the form of an orgasm, or closing a business deal, or making a touchdown, or making a deep philosophical breakthrough, or knocking some random drunk guy the f**k out.

It’s all the same thing. It’s all about an obstacle that we perceive to be constraining us, and our smashing through that obstacle to the freedom of release and blissful freedom that waits on the other side.

I made this realization when I started being intentional about when I came. There’s a great deal of emotional and physical depth to explore when you place yourself entirely in control of making the choice. Once you have spent enough time in this place, an ejaculation may feel good, but your desire, the driving force behind it, is not the least bit slackened afterwards.

It’s then that you realize that the whole game is not about release or freedom at all. It’s about the process of engagement with the challenge of seduction, the challenge of self-improvement, and the cultivation of personal power that requires. And it never ends, ever.

In fact, the physical pawing that accompanies sex is totally empty without the mental and spiritual component of seduction. . . especially when you are overmatched by a woman who is more skilled than you in those departments. Most seduction authors would cast that as the male being ‘not skilled enough’, and that may be true as well, but I think it’s valuable to look at it from both perspectives.

When you meet a really skilled seductress, and your tactics slide off her, she is expanding you, in the same way you expand women you can easily seduce.

I am beginning to believe that the whole point of relationships — all relationships — is the advancement of one another.

If you can’t advance her, she shouldn’t waste her time with you.

If she can’t advance you, you are wasting your time sleeping with her.

This is true of your male friends as well. If someone can’t challenge you at all, you may enjoy a congenial chat with them, but you won’t be advanced. Can congeniality itself be advancing? Maybe.

4. When you realize that meditation is infinitely more rewarding than playing video games, watching movies or enjoying pornography. Although there is nothing fundamentally “wrong” with any of those things, it’s important to realize that there is a much better movie to play. The mental video game of keeping your attention fully in the present, watching the movie of your thoughts go by, will connect you with your spiritual depth in a way that even the temporary quivering excitement and variety of pornography can’t ever hope to touch.

And that way lies true personal power.

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