The Pick Up Artist Season Finale: Review

I am actually glad that this is over. This show has been raped with terrible reviews and everyone just saying how much this show sucks (trust me, I’ve been following the “pick up artist” twitter timeline and about 5% of it says something good). And as far as I’m concerned, the final two “talents” weren’t worth the price of admission but it came down to these two: Matt and Simeon.

Simeon has been my front-runner since Brian left but over the past few weeks he has been way too cocky thinking he has it made. Unfortunately, going up again Matt, the nice guy, he has a pretty good chance.

The first challenge is supposed to teach unconscious competence. Basically at this point, building attraction and sexual escalating an interaction with a woman should be second nature. How would this be possible? Finding an instant attraction spark, setting the sexual tone as soon as possible, being blindly confident and always assuming the answer is yes. I personally do not use this approach BUT if you want to try to hook up with a woman, minutes after first meeting her, this would be the route to take. Use with serious caution.

The challenge that Mystery poses is to kiss a woman as fast as possible. I just can’t help that Simeon is so creepy when he does anything. But the more disturbing thing is that these women find him incredibly attractive – worries me. But anyway, Simeon ends up winning by only 19 seconds. It took them about 15 minutes which I don’t think is bad at all considering they talked to 2 different groups of women before kissing one out of the group. Doing something like that is intense and does require some very quick work.

Anyway, the final challenge has the two of them trying to implement all of what they learned with what Mystery would call, a Perfect 10. Mystery throws a party filling this house with beautiful women. Simeon’s reward for winning the challenge is that he gets the master bedroom. Having the master is apparently supposed to be a demonstration of higher value. What nonsense. It just means you have a bigger room. But if you look at Matt’s room, it’s not like he has a cubicle – his room is fine.

Long story short, Simeon and Matt both attract a few women. They were both able to get it in with a hottie and make out with them. They both did a fantastic job but seeing how this is a game and Mystery is pick up artist, it was clear he was going to give the win to Simeon. Matt did an amazing job, sticking through this whole process trying to be as close to who he was as possible. He has much more natural game than any of the other guys and that is going to go a long way to what he really wanted from the start. Simeon pretty was made into a monster and will end up being just as lonely as Mystery – especially when these women find out how creepy Simeon really is.

All I have to say is this. Let this be a lesson that it is possible to be who you are and still succeed. Never apologize or make excuses for who you are and reveal yourself in an attractive way!

So the creeper gets the gold and he is given the medallion of Perth, which is symbol of mystery, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the progression of becoming the man you want to be. It just symbolizes that you are the like Mystery the most out of all the contestants. But, if you're still interested, you can check it out here.

This season was such a let down. There will probably be a season 3 but I really hope they do something different. Like not use Mystery and Matador.

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