Wingman Interaction Analysis (Part One of Two)

So after watching the Pick Up Artist Episode 6 about 3 or 4 times, I think that it’s important that I talk to you about the wingman thing in detail. I really can’t stress this enough. If you have a good friend that is supportive, it’ll take you a long way in being better with women. Nothing wrong with having some type of support every once in a while.

Many of us who go out, do not have that luxury and something go out by ourselves. I remember when I came back to Boston from college; I didn’t know anything about where to go and how to meet people. Eventually, I made the decision to go out on my own and go for it. The results have been astronomical.

But anyway, having someone who is one the same page as you and willing to help you get a conversation with a woman of interest is a pretty nice luxury.

So if you watched the episode, you will know what I am talking about here. If you haven’t watched the episode, you can watch it here.

So, using some of the PUA knowledge in me, here is some analysis. Let’s start off with Greg and Rian.

Rian goes into the group first so his responsibility is to open the group, gives Greg an accomplishment introduction (AI) and then allow Matt to come in and join Rian.

One thing that stands out is that when Rian walks through a room, he tries to interact with everyone he walks by. It’s a great way to slowly build social proof. I compare it to what a club owner or manager can do – making sure that everyone is having a good time.

His opener: “What’s your name?” Sometimes, it’s that easy, guys.

As he opens up this woman, his body language is on point. He is leaning back and his body isn’t completely turned toward her. Then two other women show up and they get introduced to Rian and that gives Greg the cue to try to enter.

Greg says, “Hey Rian, have you seen Michelle?”

Here, the two answers could be, “You know, I think she is over there,” indicating that Rian is not ready to introduce Greg to the group, or, “Hey, I want you to meet some friends here,” indicating that it’s cool for Greg to join the group.

Rian was not ready for Greg so he sends him off and then immediately gives Greg an accomplishment introduction (AI). An AI is when your friend says something really cool about you. You know how I feel about terms so I’m not going to use it much. So Rian talks about how jealous he is that Greg travels a lot. Immediately, one of the women mentions how much she has traveled to qualify herself for Greg. And Rian’s reaction:

“Does she always brag like this?” That line is such a great playful way to tease a woman.

Greg rejoins the group and everyone is introduced. Immediately there is an attempt to bring the women to a table and they comply by taking their arm. Here, it always helps to have a table.

The women are split up, with Rian having two of them and Greg with the other one. It’s interesting to see these interactions going on at the same time. There is so much going on. I am going to make Greg’s interaction bold and Rian’s interaction italic so you can see what’s going on.

Greg notices the tongue piercing and calls her out on it, indicating some sexual interest. Mystery says that he should start initiating some touch to make his statements congruent with what he is saying.

Rian meanwhile is initiating touch right away by playing the theatre game with one of the women, while the other woman steps away for a few minutes. When the woman gets back, she notices her friend having a good time and wants in. Mystery calls it a jealousy plotline. She rejoins the group and now Rian is in between the two of them, the ideal situation for him. If nothing else, he looks great with two women at his side and him leaning back and taking it all in.

Greg begins to initiate a similar theatre game just to check how interested the woman seems to be. Once he feels there is enough interest, he asks, “on a scale from 1 to 10, how good of a kisser are you?”

At this point, if she legitimately answers the question, then usually it means that she wants to be kissed. She answered saying that she’s never been asked that.

His response: “Well, I guess you need to kiss somebody.” He kisses her.

Now while Greg is sucking her face, Rian is with two women not knowing what to do and the sexual tension is growing.

Rian: “I wonder which of you is the better kisser.” This is a very loaded statement with intentions of a high-risk, high-reward kind of situation. If they don’t freak out or say anything indicating your sleaziness, you have a good chance of getting at least one kiss.

One of the women asks Rian when was the last time he’s kissed a girl? He answers with last week, which I thought was a lie but then I forgot when he kissed a girl a couple of episodes ago. I guess that counts.

That woman then says that it’s been too long (since she’s been kissed). Now, I know none of us guys are idiots and are able to pick up on this. She wants him to kiss her. This example here shows the difference between those who are successful women and those who aren’t. You have to take risks. There hasn’t been any aspect in your life where you have not taken a risk. Why does it have to be different with women? Know what you want and go for it.

He does end up kissing one of the women but it was just a peck on the lips. Both women were not impressed. After a while, it just got awkward and with Greg not helping, the interaction eventually died out and they all left.

Sucks for Rian because he had a chance to make-out with two women and failed. He could have just made out with one of them but he couldn’t even do that. That’s why he was eliminated.

Stay tuned later today for Part Two when I analyze Matt and Simeon’s interaction.

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