How to Be A Quality Wingman for Your Friend

Pick Up Artist Episode 6 Review

This episode starts off with none other that Rian having another near breakdown about how close he is getting to truly breaking through and how he is making huge strides to get where he is now. I feel for him a little bit because we have all been there at one point or another, but he needs to start taking some risks. He is one breakthrough away from completely sealing this whole competition away. And although Brian and his comedic value are no longer there, I feel like there will be a turn in which these guys take their game to another level. Not to say that Brian held them back but there was definitely less focus going on within the group when he was there.

So they meet Mystery at a grocery store and Mystery introduces Day Game. Being able to talk to women at clubs and bars makes talking to women during the day look like a walk in the park. BUT talking to women during the day is completely different than talking to women at night in terms of your approach and what you talk about. Mystery fails to tell them that and makes them think that what they use at night can be used during the day. See my follow up post on approaching women during the day after this article.

Anyway, having “watered down” game, as Mystery explained it, is not the way to do it, in my opinion. Just because you lower your energy level and your voice, doesn’t mean that what you say out of your mouth is interpreted any differently. But the guys’ goal is to number-close as many women as possible.

No one really did well. Matt froze up again. His approach anxiety is going to kill him if he doesn’t take care of that soon. Rian was friendly, got a number close but the women that he was talking to were not attractive. Simeon was creepy again, starting a conversation and then ended up talking to the vegetables in aisle 2. But then without using anything that Mystery taught him, somehow got an awkward number close. Clearly that was impressive [end sarcasm]. Greg was nervous and just botched each interaction. He let it get to his head and he couldn’t continue.

Rian clearly won that mess of a challenge and his reward was to pick one of the guys as his wingman for the night’s challenge. He chooses Greg.

Quick comment: Mesh shirts are not what are in style. They probably will never be. There are just some things that can’t be worn, no matter how much you want to stand out and try to make it work. Mesh shirts are one of them. Sleeveless tanks are another. Actually, anything sleeveless should not be worn to the bars or clubs unless you are going to a theme party or the bar/club is on the beach. Ok, rant over.

The importance of being a wingman

Being a wingman is a commitment of teamwork and trust. When you are out with your friends, you have to make sure that everyone succeeds as much as possible. No one is your enemy and there is no competition. In the end, it’s all about having fun and providing the best experience for each other. It’s about having a strategy and being in sync. It’s important to always be on the same page with your wingman. It’s also just as important to just go with the flow if things go unplanned.

The breakdown is pretty simple. One guy approaches a group of women. He opens them up, introduces himself and starts demonstrating higher value (DHV). When that is accomplished and there is compliance, then the guy can start DHVing his wing, eventually leading to an accomplishment introduction. This is where being good friends work because you already know how awesome your friend is and what makes him stand out. After the second guy comes in, the wing (being the first guy), then fends off or befriends any obstacles while the second guy tries to build attraction with the woman that he is interested in. Got it? Good.

So tonight’s challenge is to demonstrate good wingman ethics and end up with not only a kiss-close but a makeout-close. Considering that none of these guys have even kissed anyone on this show, I had low expectations on how this will turn out. Boy was I wrong.

[For my comment about Matador’s sleeveless shirt, see my opinion three paragraphs up.]

Let me say that both groups did an amazing job! It was exciting to see these guys open a group of women, properly DHV themselves and their respective wingman, introduce their friend, allowing them to isolate, and escalate touch with their woman of interest, leading to a kiss-close. Unfortunately, one person did not get a makeout session – Rian. The sad part is that he had a chance to make out with two girls and he didn’t take the risk. It just goes back to episode one when that woman opened up Alex about his chain. He did nothing. And when you get opportunities like that, you have to jump on it. Like, I always say, “you gotta want it.

So after seeing that, I knew Matt and Simeon were going to win and Rian was going to get eliminated. But I will acknowledge that if you can get a chance, watch how Matt and Simeon executed this challenge. They looked like they were rockstars and played the part so well. If you want a night like that, I would pay close attention to what they do.

Since you know how it played out and Rian got the boot, this week’s medallion was the Dagaz, which symbolizes clarity and breakthrough. You can read all about it here! I actually have this medallion! It’s my favorite because it symbolizes everything I preach – breaking through.

And with Rian’s final breakdown (6) that concludes this episode. Now, I am really excited for next week’s episode!

The clear favorite right now is Simeon, only because he has no fear whatsoever and that is what may set him a part from the other two, better-looking guys.

You guys have any wingman stories? Do you think we should establish an official wingman Code of Ethics?