Understanding Why My Hair Attracts Women

A few weeks ago, I promised an article about easy lock-in props that you can use all the time. Well the truth is I didn’t know what a lock-in prop was until I became aware of the attention my chain gave me a few years ago.

For those who aren’t in the know about lock-in props, these things are what you wear to get positive attention – and eventually attraction – with a woman. Using these things as a part of your outfit is called peacocking (trust me, you won’t need to remember that, I just thought I’d share). I think there are two different kinds of lock-in props: Removable and Natural.

Removable Lock-in Props

Remember growing up in elementary school when your mom got you that really cool hologram watch? You have to know what I’m talking about. My mother got me an X-Men (Wolverine) hologram watch – I asked for Spider-Man, but whatever. It was a hologram watch! I didn’t care. It was the coolest thing in the world and I had one! Of course, I couldn’t wait to go to school to show it off to all of my friends – who thought I was the man for having one, and impress the schoolgirls with my really cool watch – because that’s what I would do: Impress girls with my watch (I was such a dweeb back then – not much has changed). I even remember the line I gave my elementary school crush.

Me: “Hey, do you know what time it is?”

Girl: “No.”

Me: “Do you wanna know?”

Girl. “Not really.”

Me (ignoring what she said, and while showing off my watch): “Well, in case you may wanna know when I leave, it’s 9:45.”

She laughed at me and told me to get lost but then she didn’t realize what I had until I walked away, defeated and my tail between my legs. Later on that day, she came over and wanted to check it out. Obviously, nothing happened, but it was a HUGE deal for me because I got my crush, who ignored me all those years, to finally say something to me, even if it was about my watch!

You don’t realize it but the same exact thing applies today, even though we are so much older. People love to see cool things and talk to you about them. I shit you not, if you wore that same hologram watch and went out, I bet you would get a lot of attention from it. But you just have to keep in mind, “who are the people you want attention from?” So wear that watch with caution. But anyway…

Growing up, I had a gold chain that my mother gave and I had a piece on it that had that familiar sleeping moon icon. Had no idea what it meant but I wore it everyday (because I love my mum) and apparently women loved it when they saw it! Women would always approach me, reaching for the moon and asking what it meant. All I would say was, “my mother gave it to me.” I never paid any attention to what all this attention meant until when I learned about lock-in props. At that point, I had another chain that had an infinity symbol – that I wore everyday instead of the moon – and that drew a lot of attraction because there was actually deeper meaning behind the infinity symbol. There are times when I used to take it off and put in around a girl’s neck to wear it for some time during the night (the actual point of lock-in). I don’t do that anymore but if you have something (hat, scarf, camera, wristband, chain, sunglasses, jacket, whatever) that is interesting and women approach you to ask you about it, chances are they are attracted to you. If they reach and try to touch it, they are definitely attracted to you. Then, you can use that item to "lock" them in, solidifying her attraction to you and vice-versa.

And just as a disclaimer, don’t worry about the guys that try to badmouth you about what you got on. Remember those guys in school that thought your hologram watch wasn’t cool but was jealous that you had one and cried to their mother when they got home to get them one too? Yeah, they are the same guys. Nothing has changed.

Natural Lock-in Prop

Well, this one is tricky because this kind of item is something that can’t necessarily be removed from your body. Examples of natural lock-in props would be tattoos, piercings, and hair. I personally have funky hair and I get talked to about it all the time. I like it because my hair stands out from most people. But you can use these things to create attraction and although you can’t take them off and give it to them, it is undeniable that they can not forget you based on that instant connection you two just made.

But when it comes to something “extra” like this, you don’t need to have it. I love the way my hair is so I keep it. I don’t care what others say. Some people say they hate it but what difference do it make to me? I also rarely show my chain anymore because I’ve been used to keeping it under my shirt because I wear shirts and ties a lot during the week.

So although, you don’t need to have it, it certainly would help and it does give you more chances of getting approached. And who doesn’t want to be approached by an attractive woman? Think of it as giving them an easy excuse for them to talk to you. I don’t see any problem with that. You get bonus points if said item actually means something to you.

What are some lock-in props you like to use? Do you use any at all? How do you feel about these things? Do they think they help or are detrimental to your chances with women?