The Pick Up Artist Episode 3: Review


So now that Kevin is gone, who’s going to be my favorite? Well, I know as soon as I mention his name, he’ll be eliminated within a couple of weeks. So I’m going to say his name anyway. Brian.

Yes, the other Asian has become my favorite. I knew he would do well but what I failed to acknowledge is the fun factor out of all of this. Yes, when you are learning something that will change your life, it should be taken seriously. But in the process of knowing that your life will forever change, wouldn’t it be nice to have fun? And out of the entire group, Brian is the only one that truly enjoys this journey and has fun with it.

But, let’s get into this week’s show.

So Mystery takes the remaining contestants to a medial facility and talks to them about the science of attraction, which I thought was pretty interesting. We all have gone through this many times in our lives and I’ll admit that I still go through this on occasion. When you see that absolutely gorgeous woman and you want to talk to her, your hands get all sweaty, you start breathing heavily and just get generally nervous. Well one of the things that I like to preach is just to be laid back about the moment and enjoy yourself. Mystery says the same thing, pretty much – to regulate your breathing and maintain warm hands.

That being said, Mystery decides to test them to see who has the most control under a stressful situation. The winner’s reward would be the ability to hang out in the truck and watch the other players in the night’s field challenge before he has to go out there himself. That is a huge advantage and it almost guarantees being safe from elimination if done properly.

Well the way this challenge was set up was that they would be hooked up to this machine that would monitor heartbeat and other vitals. As the doctor is hooking these guys up, the stimulus shows up in the form of Samantha, who is dressed up as a hot nurse. Considering it’s almost Halloween, I am pretty excited to see some hot nurses out there this weekend. She had a smoking body and I certainly would not complain if she fell in my lap but for some reason, I feel like she wouldn’t be my type. Interesting. I might have to look into that a little more.

So everyone pretty much failed at keeping his cool. Karl did a decent job and Simeon was really weird because he tried to take the whole thing too seriously…and still failed. But the winner the Greg and it wasn’t even close. Like I said, if you’re having fun, you tend to do better in anything you interact with in life. Hot women included.

Mystery then gets into the topic of the day: Body Language

With this topic, Mystery also decides to bring back the winner of season 1, Kosmo. Here, Kosmo talks about how it is important for the guys to realize that this is about building a life. And he’s right, it is about building a life. It’s not about just picking up women. It’s about having the confidence, the will and the motivation to go out there and accomplish any goal you set forth.

But really quickly, there are a few things to point out about body language and interacting with the opposite sex. Your body language is going to say more than anything you could possibly say with your mouth. Girls have this unbelievable ability of reading body language. If your body language is not congruent with what you are saying or who you are projecting to be, they will pick up on it and maybe call you out on it. Either way, you lose your chance with her. There are the common telltale signs of nervousness and “lower value.” Things like gesturing wildly, playing with the straw in your drink, keeping your drink at your chest, leaning in and other things are basic examples of things that guys do, don’t notice and are habitual.

Mystery’s approach with body language is something I would pay attention to because it’s very non-threatening and it conveys the highest value. Like I said, being laid back and enjoying the experience is what you should convey at all times. Examples of that would be to shift your weight to one side when standing, keeping your hands out of your pockets, keeping your drink by your side and leaning back often. Even when approaching a group, sometimes it’s good to talk over your shoulder, just to show that you’re just creating conversation and having fun. With the combination of that and using false time constraints (FTC), people will want you to join in on conversations, no matter what the subject is.

Simeon has a sit-down with Kosmo and talks about his struggles. Simeon has really good potential. He just needs to regulate his energy a little bit more and he should be fine. He may have some little issues here and there but they can be corrected rather quickly. Basically, Kosmo says, “You gotta defeat your demons.”
Couldn’t say it any better. If you are having issues in life and want to better yourself, you have to face those issues head-on and beat them.

All the guys have a motivational session before going out. Their challenge for the night is to use proper body language to attract and isolate a woman or a group of women.

I’ll have my complete analysis in my next post.

Greg, with the advantage wins the challenge, although I thought it was pretty close this time.

Rian has a breakdown, which brings his Breakdown Count up to 4.

Elimination ceremony and the medallion that is presented to the winners is the Laguz, which is the rune of cleansing. You can learn all about it here. It’s pretty cool.

Karl ends up getting eliminated. Once again, another guy I thought had serious potential gets the door. He was slow in improvement so I can understand why. I just wonder which pick up artist is going to want to help him finish his transformation.

Stay tuned for my complete analysis of each interaction these guys go through. There weren’t really many so this should be pretty simple. And because there were a few isolations, it’ll be fun to talk about how and why these things happened.

As always, comments are always appreciated.