The Pick Up Artist Episode 2: Review

Let me just say that I LOVE the fact that I have this on DVR. There are always some things that you miss when watching it the first time and my article on Episode 1 showed that. So, I am going to be writing each article every week while watching it over again and to include as much things as possible.

Well, with Alex eliminated, all the guys are freaking out. I would call this a reality show moment. And I have also decided to implement a Rian Breakdown Count. We’ll start retroactive to last week. So far the count is 2.

They show up outside of this weird-looking place called the Italian Club. I mean, this place could really be anything. I mean, when I saw it, I thought Subway, but that just might be wrong in other ways. Anyway, as soon as the guys saw the word club, they immediately thought, strippers. What’s up with these guys wanting to meet and talk to strippers? They can barely talk to normal people in bars. How do they possibly think that they would be able to talk to what I would consider amongst the Queens of Pickup? And do you think Mystery would embarrass himself and everyone else by putting them in a hopeless situation of that magnitude? Doubtful. This is certainly not a strip club. I actually thought was going to be a nursing home.

Anyway, Mystery wants these guys to start understanding the importance of building long-lasting confidence. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s just one part. You when you open your mouth, you have to stay congruent. Would be nice for some guys to just look good and never have to open their mouths and still get with women but that’s just not the case, guys.

Mystery implements his first reward challenge where all you have to do make as many good first-impressions as possible with these women. They run in there and all they see are old women playing bingo. Priceless. I love how the older women’s eyes lit up at the sight of fresh virgin meat. I thought that was funny as well.

Here’s where I can put in something important. I’ll make it bold and wrap it in some quotations. This you should read.

I think that night game is much more difficult than day game. And I agree with most pick up artists out there that say that if you can get through night game, then day game will be easy. But I also think it’s important, not to forget about day game. It’s much more relaxed and it’s an easier way to slowly build confidence and make connections. I read all the time that guys don’t think they will find the One at a bar or nightclub. And to an extent, you are right. You are most likely able to find the One in a supermarket or a bookstore or even a coffee shop. But don’t overlook the club or bar though. Unless you are at a yoga studio or another place where you have access to large amounts of women, the clubs and bars are going to be your places to go.

So these guys get into things and some do well, others did terribly. I thought Simeon was too fake. He had high energy but he didn’t mean any of what he said and it doesn’t matter how old women are – they are going to notice. Brian was just too much for them and he came off as weird and rude at times. The comment where he says, “I love how you guys stink,” was just silly and mean. Although when he referred to these older women as sabertooths, I found that pretty funny. Then there’s Kevin, who I figured out what about him is missing from his game. He has no social awareness – at all. His comment about old people having stories (from World War II) was just terrible. I hope he was just kidding but something tells me he wasn’t and that worries me, considering I thought of him to be one of the favorites. He struggled.

The winner ended up being Matt, the self-proclaimed Jewish party schmoozer and the superstar I mistook for Carl (I guy I thought I knew). He has great social skills (in a low pressure environment) and that showed today. Now if he could only transfer those skills to attracting women.

So Mystery, finally gives his first lesson: Approaching and Openers

He says that it’s important to do indirect openers in the lounges. And it’s funny to hear Mystery says these things and I just know everything about it. It also helps that I have read his book about the Venusian Arts.

“Did you see the fight outside?”

“Who lies more? Men or women?”

So typical.

Anyway, one thing that Mystery mentions that I think is important when it comes to understand how this works is his talk about a hook point.

Hook points are the points where the set you are interacting with doesn’t want you leave. I mean, it should give you a good feeling. Imagine that – people think you’re cool so they want you to stick around. Now using a false time constraint (FTC) can reinforce this.

“I only have a couple minutes because I have to meet up with my friends who are looking for me.”

Also looking like you’re ready to leave is another way of showing an FTC. Body language is key here because you have to show that you are only here for the interaction and to share this question/story really quickly before you go off about your business.

Mystery also mentions negging, which is saying something that disqualifies the woman you’re talking to from being a potential mate. It works with certain types of women. I find that it’s unnecessary most of the time. But when I do use them, it’s fun and playful and women get it. So I think negging is a personal choice.

On a side note, Matador’s comment about pickle juice is just dumb. What an idiot. Although, that would only work for Brian. So I’m sure he’s going to use it when he’s out there.

Matt receives Mystery’s secret accessory, his boa. It’s a trademark for him and it is pretty easy to get people to approach you (remember Alex’s chain?). You can use it as a lock-in prop, which is essentially a prop you use to create a connection with a woman. You can wrap it around her, or have her hold on to it. But once that connection is made, you’re in pretty good standing because she’ll always remember that connection with you and since it was a good one, she’ll be likely to talk to you. I never really carry lock-in props, since I am always carrying my camera, flip-cam and my iPhone. But lock-in props do work. I’ll share a story about how I came across one during the night and it worked like magic in a post later this week.

So the contest that night was about using those openers. They were going to be judged by how well they executed their openers and how successful they were able to get hooking points from their sets.

Brian ended up winning the challenge, which I thought was pretty cool. He did deserve it for that night. But then he freaked out about choose two wingmen. Just choose two people you like. It’s so early that it’s not even that important.

Rian has another breakdown somewhere here so the Rian Breakdown Count is up to 3.

Anyway, I understood why Kevin got eliminated over Carl. Kevin just has no social awareness. It’s just awful. And to think, I considered him a favorite. This just comes to show you that you need to have social awareness. That will come with being out there getting interactions with people as much as you can.

One thing that I also wanted to point out were the medallions. This week’s medallion was the Burkanan, which meant re-birth and new life. Here’s a site that goes into it in more detail. Clearly this is true for these guys as they are about to get into world they’ve never been before and truly find out who they are as people. “The beginning of a new life.”

Business is picking up.


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