Nothing Can Be Better Than This!

What an amazing week that I just had! Project Infinity has been asleep for the past few days and that's because I have been running around being crazy, talking to as many people as possible and sharing ideas. What I have learned in this past week is something I could have never learned in my 5 years in college.

Because I am behind in my posts, I am going to post my "notes" and comments while I was there. The videos I have are too big, so I am going to have to break them down and upload them piece by piece. That will take forever so I will have to let you know when I post them. It will be a follow-up to this post.

So here is my set of comments and thoughts:

As day one of the New Marketing Summit comes to an end, I would like to share thoughts. But before I even do that, I have some quick comments that I think everyone here would agree with.

I like the quick pace of the panels and discussions. It’s been great and although some people would have liked more time, the amount of information that has been given is tremendous. I have so much going on in my head and although it’s a bit overwhelming, it’s not too much for me to lose.

There needs to be a constant flow of coffee, tea and soda here! There’s no going around it. How can you have a conference and not have caffeine around to keep us awake. Despicable. But hopefully that will change tomorrow. Just in case, I am bringing a huge thing of tea and vitamin water with me.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, I just wanted to say how fortunate I am to be able to go to something like this and meet some of the brain children of some major marketing companies that work social media like champs! There have been really good presentations here and one that was really good for me was the “Millenial Marketing Movers” panel, ran by Ben Grossman (@BenGrossman), Emily Belyea, Rebecca Corliss (@repcor) and Matt Peters. They are all around my age and seeing them up there made me realize that we, as the next generation, hold so much power. Ben was right. By 2010, we are going to out number the Baby-Boomers. That’s just crazy to think about, but it’s true. And the great thing about what I would like to do is that my audience is around my age. And with that focus, I have to keep in mind that, what I like and want will most likely be similar to what everyone else likes and wants. It’s just a matter of producing content and generating discussion for people to be intrigued by and want to participate in. So that has me excited!

This one is from day two at the summit. You'll be able to tell that I was full of excitement:

Let me just say that as I hang out and listen to a panel about Email Marketing, I had to write this post. I seriously can’t contain this excitement. My face just might fall off! This is great. I LOVE meeting people! Now although, I knew this already, it’s great when you ACTUALLY get to meet people.

The amount of people that I have met over the past two days is astronomical. In hindsight, it might not be as much, BUT the experience of meeting these people is something that I’ll never forget. Coming to this New Marketing Summit has been another great decision that I have made in my life.

This is something that I have to reinforce time and time again. We are capable of meeting great people if you actually just take the chance and go out there. You are your own brand. Your brand is [insert name here]. Market the hell out of it and make it the best damn brand out there. How? Well, you gotta put yourself out there, whether on the internet or in-person. Make every experience an enjoyable one with whoever you come across. You will have so much fun and you will gain an incredible social circle of people that WANT to talk to you and know who you are! Imagine that! People WANTING to know who YOU are! It’s crazy, I know but it’s true and it works.

I have videos here to post as well. One major one was by Glenn Gaudet (@glenng), CMO of He helped me realize the best way to kick-start my Podcast, which is coming VERY SOON!

This is a VERY exciting time for me as you will see. I am excited to take Project Infinity to the next level!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me. To everyone that I have met: